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Crimson Trace Laser Saddle and Duracell batteries


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I've got the Laser Saddle on my Shockwave and the batteries died. I got on Amazon and ordered a blister pack of Duracell batteries with the "bitter tasting coating." When they arrived, I installed them and...nothing. I installed a few more. Again, nothing. I had a problem.

So I called Crimson Trace. The young lady I spoke with told me that they have a "known problem" with these batteries. She said the coating causes a connection issue, and when one of their techs found a way to remove the coating, everything that should work, did work.

Back to Amazon I went. I ordered the cheapest set of CR2016 batteries that I could find (30 for about $10). They arrived today. Being a skeptic, I assumed that they wouldn't work either. But they did. So apparently Streamlight figured it out and the customer service rep was telling me the absolute truth.

So...if your batteries die (and you order from Amazon), just get the cheap ones. They work perfectly. I doubt they'll last as long, but at the listed price, they're a bargain and you can buy a LOT of them.

Just a FYI. Hope this helps someone.
Yeah, the weird brand batteries that came with mine might have lasted 20 minutes of light time, so I got new Sony batteries from Amazon as well. Not sure why they are so much cheaper than at the few stores I could actually find any at. Two 5 packs for less than $10 on my porch the next day.


Average Guy
The best CR2016 or CR2032 batteries will say Made in Japan. They are the ones to buy.