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Damn Safety Sear!!! (And my own fault probably)

I was out deer hunting and FINALLY had a buck in my sights. I eased off the safety and line him up, 15 yards away from where I was hiding behind a tree.

I tried to squeeze the trigger and NOTHING. I cycled the safety and tried again and NOTHING. He of course figured out I was there and trotted off.

I opened and closed the action and tried again to no avail. I removed the shells and hit the butt on the ground and tried to dry fire but it didn't help.

By the time I got home in my warm car I was able to dry fire no problem.

It's my STRONG belief based on the way it was behaving and the fact it was about -10 C that some moisture in the receiver caused the safety sear to freeze forward.

Ultimately it's MY responsibility as I'm responsible for maintenance and cleaning but DAMN did I curse that safety sear. I spent my entire week off in the woods and didn't see any deer until an hour before the end of the shotgun season and my shotgun failed.

I am really thinking I will just remove the sear as it's not that hard a job.

I don't blame you for being upset.

I would be too.

I'm sure mossbergs lawyers would tell you that modifying the gun would void the warranty and may make the gun unsafe.

But I also would be surprised if they ever sat in the woods for a week when it was 15 degrees either.