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Dan Honovich Top Picks


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This will be a thread dedicated to products that I feel stand out from the crowd...
Radians Custom Molded Ear Plugs
http://www.radians.com/main/p-282-radia ... plugs.aspx


I have been using the Radians custom ear plugs for several weeks now and can't say enough about them! They are affordable, comfortable and practical. I wanted to find a low profile ear protection to use for sporting clays and stumbled across these. I was skeptical at first because wearing traditional ear plugs for several hours was quite uncomfortable. However, with these I have no issues wearing them all day long. Anyone looking for comfortable ear protection look no further.
ATI Mossberg/Winchester/Remington Mag-Socket Wrench Set





First Impression: Well I feel like when I get a new Apple product and you first see the packaging. The packaging provides a sense of quality before you even get to open it up. It is nice to see a company pay attention to even the small details such as packaging. I would much rather a quality part in poor packaging than a poor part in quality packaging but it is nice to have best of both worlds :twisted: . When I did open the package up; this sense of quality remained after removing the Mossberg/Winchester mag-socket wrench. I know this only a mag-socket wrench BUT it really is a quality piece! Growing up racing motorcycles and then cars has made me a bit of a gear head so I always feel like a little kid on Christmas when I get new tools. Especially ones that are quality such as this ATI Mossberg/Winchester/Remington mag-socket wrench set. I sure wish my Snap-On tool came in boxes like this!

Use: The ATI Mossberg/Winchester mag-socket wrench works exactly as designed. It allows you to easily remove and install forends on your Mossberg 500.

I highly recommend this set to anyone who like to work on their own Mossberg 500!
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Nordic Magazine Extension Tubes





+5 (~11.75)

+4 (~10.25")

+3 (~8.5")

+2 (~6")

First Impressions: The finish on the Nordic Components magazine extension tubes is nearly identical to the factory finish on my Mossberg 930 Autoloader. This is a huge plus for me as I like parts that look as though they should have came directly from Mossberg with them installed. Additionally, all 3 parts of the setup seem well made and screw into each other smoothly.

Installation: You simply remove your factory magazine cap and assembly, screw on the Nordic Components system, measure and cut the supplied spring to approximately 10-16" longer than the factory magazine tube + the Nordic Components extension (I cut mine to ~10" to achieve full capacity and function) and finally you screw on the cap.

Use: With each of the Nordic Components magazine extension tubes I was able to achieve the indicated increases in magazine capacity. My Mossberg 930 Autoloader performed flawlessly while loading and firing with the newly installed Nordic Components magazine extension tubes. I really can't say enough about the fit, finish and functionality of these tubes; they are great! They work exactly as they should and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to increase the capacity of your Mossberg 930 Autoloader.


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Trulock Chokes

Trulock Tactical/Breaching Choke (2.125")



Trulock Sporting Clays Extended Choke In Stainless Finish (Skeet 1, Skeet 2, Improved Modified And Extra Full)





First Impression: Impressive is the only word I can use to describe these chokes; having both great fit and finish. I like that the Trulock chokes are clearly marked allowing for easy identification of the choke. This is quite a contrast from the Mossberg Accu Chokes that come with a Mossberg 930 Autoloader.

Installation: Simply remove your existing choke with a choke tool and install the Trulock choke with a snug fit.

Use: Not only are these chokes great looking but they are extremely functional. They do exactly as they are designed to which is all that you can ask for from a choke tube. After throwing lots of lead down range with these chokes I am extremely pleased with the results and would highly recommend these to anyone looking for a choke tube.

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Revision Military Max Michael Signature Series Sawfly










First Impression: The case that the Revision Military Max Michael Signature Series Sawfly comes in is personally signed by Max Michael. He actually takes the time out to endorse his products which gives you an added sense of security knowing that these aren't just a way for him to put money in his pocket. Once you open the case you notice a very organized case that has dividers for the various lenses, lens wipes and glasses. The kit comes with a mocha, vermillion, black and clear lenses which will cover all most conditions when it comes to shooting. I did order a yellow lens for those days when its a bit foggy but I could have easily used the vermillion for those days. The lenses radiate a sense of quality and after looking at them in person I can easily believe the videos of them stopping bird shot and lower caliber bullets. The frames are very light weight yet sturdy and I would be confident that these could take a beating in the field, I see why many of our soldiers wear them.

Use: AWESOME is the only way to describe these shooting glasses. Not only do they provide the protection but they also provide amazing clarity to speed up target acquisition in virtually any condition. When every second counts I have full confidence in the Revision Military Max Michael Signature Series Sawfly shooting glasses giving me the edge. I now use these for a wide variety of events including shooting clays (trap, skeet, sporting clays), plinking, laying lead down range and even hunting. If you are looking for a pair of shooting glasses then look no further!