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Default Mossberg sling attachement


How sturdy are these ? not the metal but the screw part in the stock.. is it possible to rip it out from the stock under combat / hard use ?

I don't know the exact length of the screw but they are long with course thread like a wood screw seems doubtful it would strip
Have you considered a harness sling?
I have considered many slings :) But not a harness sling, it seem so complicated. Im stuck with the default attachement points since i atm. cant achieve what i really want ( more of that in other threads ) Its ok with the default attachement for a while but i dont feel 100% safe
Fellmann, one thing I used in the past was a piece of stripped 550 cord to loop around the stock as a backup to the sling attachment point. Stripped 550 cord lies flat and doesn't interfere with operations.