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Difference between Reserve and Reserve II


.270 WIN
Hey, guys. A buddy of mine is looking to get a Mossberg SR and we can't seem to figure out what the difference between the SR and the SRII is. I have noticed that the SR apparently doesn't come with ejectors in the barrels. Also, could someone give me a run down of the difference between the sporting and field versions? The most I've found was that the sport version has a slightly different cheek piece and the barrels are ported.

Not sure of the difference but I did read that you better keep a set of firing pins handy , heard they tend to break after 500 rounds or so! sounds like your almost better off with the regular SR? Update the post if you find out more! I havent been around firearms long so any and all info is appreciated!
My buddy just ordered his. I'll try to remember to post in here again in like 2 weeks after we've got some shells through it.
My post wasnt a deterrent just giving a heads up good luck and will be ready for a range report! Oh and thanks for your service its much appreciated!
I didn't take it that way, from what I understand that is a problem that has been dealt with on recent models. Let's hope so. Everything takes some fine tuning. Either way, I'll let you guys know how it turns out.

The SRII is definitely the one you want. The SR1 was plagued with a few bad problems. I haven't witnessed it myself, but from what I understand the firing pins extend past the breach face when the hammers are down and the lower pin is struck by the barrels when closing. The SR1 also had metallurgy issues including "soft" pins. As a result the firing pins were breaking. The SR1 also has the ugly gold doves on the receiver.
The metallurgy issues have been addressed in the SR2, the firing pins are recessed in the breach face, the receiver looks much better also. My SR2 is a 28" field model that is used as a skeet gun. I have about 2500 rds through it now and it shoots great. no signs of wear yet. Tell your buddy, good luck with his.
I have a Silver Reserve Sporting and have had no problems with it at all. I was concerned with the firing pin problem and called Mossberg, gave them the sn and they said it was not one of the ones with the problem. I asked for a set of firing pins to keep in my safe and the sent them as a courtesy. I am happy to say that was in 2011. They are still sitting in my safe. I also have the SR Field that is the one with the gold dove. The only complaint if you want to call it that is the trigger is not as smooth as my almost 3x the price Browning Citori -(sarcasm)!
My buddy bought the SR field version. He'll have it in like a week. I'm hoping it doesn't have any defects. His old lady lady almost killed him when he told her he bought it.
I also have a Browning Citori XT, I don't like using it for trap, though, because it's honestly too good of a shotgun. It's not fair.
I have the Citori 525 - love it and use it but it's like haveing a new car, every little ding makes me cringe but its gonna happen.
I have a silver reserve in 28 gauge (the old model with the gold birds) not the silver reserve II . It has over a thousand rounds through it and as of yet no broken firing pin (and it is in the serial # range). It is the first shotgun I've owned that fit me in the sense that I was on target on the first clay! A real natural pointer. If your friend bought the silver reserve II he will have no problems. All the links were worked out in the re launch. If it's the first model like mine ; there are plenty of fantastic values out there and great working guns. Just my personal opinion and experience with the gun I own. Also I kind of like the ugly gold pigeon....
I have been shooting skeet with my 28 gauge Silver Reserve for close to 6 years now and have no idea how many rounds I have through it but it has yet to have one single issue.