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Does anyone harvest the Glands


.270 WIN
I'm constantly doing research on things that interst me just like everyone else. And the thought about how to get your game out of rough terrain came to mind which led to boning out your game which led to some of the glands that make your game, well, gamey when cooked. :eek:

That got me thinking about harvesting the glands for use as scent. Does anyone here do that? Does anyone know how long a glandular area harvested may last? I mean can I seal it in a jar and use it next season?

I'm in the drawing for a antlerless tag this year too. So, I could possibly (if I get the tag) take a doe. The urin could be a good attractant right? Especially if she is in estris. Would it have to be refrigerated? The misses might not like that! :lol:

So, that's what made me ask, do any of you harvest and use the glands from your game as attractants? Thanks. Have a great day.

I've heard of a few people that have done that. They store them in a zip lock bag and then tie them to their boots for the walk into their stands or blind locations. I haven't personally tried it myself so i cant attest to whether it works or not. We have a doe season here too so i wonder if it would work to harvest the does urine from the bladder while gutting it to use on scrapes and mock scrapes? I would rather, if possible, harvest the authentic stuff from an animal than the synthetic stuff from the store shelf.