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Donate please!


.270 WIN
This site can’t be cheap to maintain. I just donated a little. I think if everyone that finds a wealth of knowledge here donates a little it will help maintain the cause. This is a great site with some awesome members. I’ve always been a fan of Mossy’s and I love reading this site. I’ve been recently diagnosed with some liver issues and I think it’s brought me back to reality in life. I’m new here and don’t post much but I do read here a lot. I am a 07/02 and Recommend this site to any mossy owners. There isn’t a better mossy site than here and there aren’t any betters members out there than you folks!! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this awesome resource!! Mods, If I posted this in the wrong section or was out of line in my comments then my apologies! God Bless!
It's not out of line. We're all glad you enjoy your time here. I think we all do.

I hope you're able to get yourself taken care of and on the mend old friend. We've known each other for probably 10 years or more. So, it's not like your some random stranger that just joined.