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Drop-Leg Platforms, Holsters, and Pouches


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Here are the details on the drop-leg platform. Picked it up at a local spot for $17.95. It makes a great base for attaching a wide variety of gear...

Drop Leg Platform

The Condor Drop Leg Platform provides a modular base point of attachment for mission critical duty gear pouches. The size and layout are ideal and the quick release buckle allows for easy detachment. The 1.5 inch leg rig straps also feature side release buckles.


- Five rows of webbing.
- Quick side release buckles allows detachment without removing duty belts.
- Doubel 1 1/2" adjustable webbing leg rig straps, also with side release buckles.
- Leg straps feature anti-slippage rubber stitching.

Available Colors :O.D., Black, Coyote Tan, Multicam

A-TACS is listed as "Coming Soon" on their site...

Re: Condor Outdoor: MOLLE GEAR

I posted this one up in the Magnum Research thread a couple weeks ago. Picked up this drop-leg rig for my Desert Eagle MK VII. Cost me $25 and easily fits the enourmous MK VII and oversized mags...

Tornado Tactical Drop-Leg Holster

It's fully adjustable and will fit nearly any mid to full-sized handgun even with a light attached...

Tornado Tactical Leg Holster

The Condor Tornado Tactical Leg Holster features a wrap-around design to fit pistols with mounted lasers or flashlights. It is a great choice if you want to stick with one holster but utilize a number of different firearms. An adjustable pouch on the front of the holster will house an extra magazine if you so desire. Consider it for range usage as well as tactical duty.

Description :

- Wrap-Around design to fit pistols with laser or flashlight mount.
- Retention system with additional velcro strap to secure weapon.
- Fully adjustable leg strap with non-slip rubber lining and quick release buckle.
- One magazine pouch, with adjustable velcro strap.
- Will fit Medium or Large size pistol.
- Fully adjustable

Available Colors : O.D., Black, Coyote Tan, ACU

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Re: Condor Outdoor: MOLLE GEAR

That holster is sexy. I wish it had two drop straps instead of one to prevent it from sliding/walking, but then again I'm just picky like that. I'm sure it'll work just as well when fitted correctly.
Re: Condor Outdoor: MOLLE GEAR

Thank you Sir,

It's one helluva holster for $25, especially considering that it'll fit nearly all of my handguns. The double horizontal straps really keep the rig secured in place. They're rubber lined on the inside surface and I haven't experienced any movement at all...
Anyone using a Molle Drop Leg Platform/Holster?

I am getting a Condor MCR4 in Multicam for Christmas. Kind of my Minuteman/Bug-out gear start up :)
I have decided upon getting a RIA 5" 1911 in .45acp in March for my 21st and need to avoid putting it on my rig to conserve space for ammunition. I am contemplating using either a Molle Drop Leg Platform with compatible holster or a drop leg holster like the Condor Tornado.

First things first... I do not have a lot of money and this will be a budget Load Out so please no Safariland lol... the Serpa is on my list and possibly most expensive. Anyone have any reviews, thoughts, comments on any good rigs? I DO NOT WANT FLOPPY!!! lol
Re: Anyone using a Molle Drop Leg Platform/Holster?

I've had the Tornado drop-leg rig for a while now. Cost me around $20. It's stout enough to hold my MK VII firmly in place and it weighs in at just under 6 lbs...
Re: Anyone using a Molle Drop Leg Platform/Holster?

It's stout enough to hold my MK VII firmly in place and it weighs in at just under 6 lbs...

I plan on the RIA 1911. Do you have any reason to believe it would flop around excessively? I understand that there is a natural movement with the rig, especially if running, I just don't want it to be all over the place!

I saw you put 50rnds of 12ga on the Condor platform, how does that hold up to the weight? Same deal as the Tornado, looking for something solid and sound and can deal with minor movement but not too much :p
Re: Anyone using a Molle Drop Leg Platform/Holster?

The Tornado is fully adjustable for both your leg and the firearm. It doesn't flop around with my 6 lb DE in it, so there's no way a 1911 is gonna either. As far as the MOLLE platform goes, what you attach to it is only gonnna be as firm the straps allow. On any MOLLE platform I weave the straps in and out of the webbing to eliminate as much movement as possible. The tighter you secure your gear, the less movement you'll get...
Re: Anyone using a Molle Drop Leg Platform/Holster?

Awesome! That is going on my Christmas List!! :D Thank you for the input!
Just as well, I thought you HAD to weave the straps? Do some people just thread it straight through all the loops and out the bottom? lol

I am looking at purchasing 2 of those Condor Shotgun Ammunition Pouches as well.
I am still working on my Prototype version of the SOE Pouch
Re: Anyone using a Molle Drop Leg Platform/Holster?

My boy turns 23 in March...damn. I am only 41 ! Weird thinking that by the time I was your age I had a kid, fighting forest fires seasonally to put cloths on his back, sorry just a little reality check for me, you should like your holster choice
Re: Anyone using a Molle Drop Leg Platform/Holster?

haha thanks for the History Oli! :D I think I recall that from 7th Grade History ;) lol jk
I am hoping it works out for me! I have some Multicam TRU pants on Bookmark and some choices for shirts ranging from TRU too T-shirt haha Trying to get a good (not amazing) Bug-out/in gear setup. Something that will make me mobile and defensive/offensive should the need arise.

Any suggestions are welcome :)
Re: Anyone using a Molle Drop Leg Platform/Holster?

Don’t bullsh!t me kid, I can tell by your posts you didn’t make it past the 6th grade……

that was a joke too :p
Re: Anyone using a Molle Drop Leg Platform/Holster?


haha, hey, real quick, with a 1911 frame, can any frame accept the Bobtail mainspring housing? I am looking at some nice VZ Grips and a replacement Bobtail mainspring housing but I don't want to fork out an additional $100 and not be able to use it haha
Re: Anyone using a Molle Drop Leg Platform/Holster?

Using a bobtail mainspring housing in a standard frame will work, but you'll have the edges of the frame itself extending out past the housing. Proper installation af a bobtail mainspring housing will require permanent reshaping and modification of your frame...
Re: Anyone using a Molle Drop Leg Platform/Holster?

That is what I was looking to find out! Thank you, LES!
I will stick with a regular mainspring housing and regular cut grips!
That is probably some expensive work to have done
Re: Anyone using a Molle Drop Leg Platform/Holster?

For the bobtail housing, reshaping, and refinishing of the frame you're probably looking at upwards of $150-$200...
Re: Anyone using a Molle Drop Leg Platform/Holster?

Yeah.. at that point I'd be better off buying a Taurus pre-cut/shaped haha
I'll just leave it how it is haha "it ain't hurtin' no one!"
Dont know whether to open a can of worms here or start a new thread. Anybody find a good universal like the tornado for lefties...yes, I'm one of those.
oomattoo said:
...lefties...yes, I'm one of those.

:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

You went there... lol Umm, I cannot speak of anything off the top of my head. I have contacted CONDOR directly to see if something can be custom made for me, I added in your problem to see if they offer such a service. If I get a reply, I haven't in the past, I will certainly get some kind of contact email or number for you.
While I have no experience with dropleg platforms, shifting of any MOLLE platform can be minimzed by weaving everything properly just as much as is possible and the load carries best when its balanced and adjusted to fit.

It can be heavy and still ride well.