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Extended maazine


Copper BB
Just got my Patriot in 270 Win which will be my main hunting rifle once I move to Wisconsin in the summer. I want to put a 10 round magazine on it. Has anyone done this, and where can I get one. Also, mine is the scoped package but the scope has no maker's brand. Does someone know what make is it? Thanks in advance.

Vortex makes the scope.

I'd be surprised if there's enough demand to drive the development of a 10 round magazine in a Patriot. It's really a hunting rifle.
I like it, too bad they only make it for the short stroke models.
MDT now makes 2 chassis for the Long Action ... the LSS gen 2 and the Oryx ... they also make the field stock for short actions used in the patriot LR Tactical but they don't sell it for it some reason