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Fixed blade, just to have


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Highly recommend this guy, it's a low end Mora. I got it in a "man can" a few years ago. I always keep it handy, and it's a go to grab for odds and ends, mostly yard work. Separating bulbs, light tree pruning, I've cut fiberglass insulation, and drywall with it, it would be great to throw in a go bag, or truck kit. For just in case.


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Funny you should mention the Morakniv. There is one here at the house which was bought at the LGS a few years ago, for less than $20. It's been admired occasionally but has never cut a single thing. It probably is time to break it in. Nice steel and Scandi grind. A tremendous bargain!
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The wife and I stopped in to Orscheln farm and home (like a tractor supply, only better) to pick her sister up after work Saturday evening. I've been in there a few times, but I'm not a regular. As we walked in we made small talk with the couple employees about to get off for the day. I look up and to my surprise on an endcap they had 2 packs of Mora Companions, for 24 dollars and change. I was legitimately surprised because that's the first I've ever seen Mora knives in-store. So I couldnt resist, I bought a set. Even comes with a little flat blade type diamond sharpener. I'm actually going to keep the blue one in the house as a kitchen knife. Its every bit as good as the run-of-the-mill stainless knife set we already have. With a better handle. In reality, probably better as the steel is Swedish, not Chinese, or mass produced Japanese.

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Well on my others, its to lock into a key on the front of another sheath. These sheaths dont have a key on the front, so honestly, I dont know on this one.

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