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For Ruger 10/22 Takedown: Hogue OM stock set + 2 Forends - $75 shipped


.270 WIN
Don't know if we have any 10/22 fans here

Have a block OM stock and forend for a Takedown model, fits standard barrel - plus I have a forend for a .92" 'bull barrel' that will come with it - sling swivels are installed from Hogue and in perfect shape

Let me know if any interest - thanks!
No 10/22s in the safe at this time. I will assume Takedown parts are different? If no luck here, perhaps create a Gunbroker account and sell there? Ebay is bringing good money for gun parts if you have an acct. Either way or any way you will have to figure shipping package size and weight.
Yes the Takedown is a '2 piece' setup - I'm going to list it on Ebay - haven't had bad luck at all there lately selling, I just would rather parts get used/sold even if a few bucks, vs. sitting around collecting dust -