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forged primitive knife

John A.

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This knife was given to me for Christmas this year by my little sister but I wanted to share the story that went along with it.

The railroad had tore out an old set of tracks that was near my parents house where I grew up and apparently, as they were pulling the rails up, the old spikes were spitting out a pretty good way from the tracks and the crew that was cleaning everything up had a long magnet that hung out about 15 or 20 feet from the side of the track but if it was beyond the reach of the arm, they sure didn't bother themselves with getting out of their air conditioned enclosed cab to walk over and pick it up themselves which left a lot of stuff they never picked up at the surrounding properties from where the tracks used to be.

I have heard several neighbors complain about hitting stuff with their mowers that had been thrown clear and even one guy that said one had damaged his vinyl siding, but my Mom had enough sense to walk along her property and had picked up several of the old spikes the crews never cleaned up and abandoned before mowing.

Well, a long story even shorter, my sister knew a guy that has a forge and gave him a couple of spikes and in turn, this is what she had him make for me and gave it to me.

It meant a lot to me. Not only that she thought about me, but we had walked those tracks a thousand times growing up until they tore them all out.

So, besides the fact it was from my sister, there's a lot of sentimental value to it from my childhood too.

Anyway, here's a quick picture of it.

Yeah, that was a really nice and unexpected surprise.
@John A.

Was it quenched pretty well? I know railroad spikes can get fairly soft when heated during the forging process.
Very nice, esp given the history
I honestly do not know nitesite.

I imagine that it was. But, cannot say so with certainty.

I can tell you the sharpened area is starting to get a matching rust patina like the rest of it.