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There are several small forgers located within an hour of Tulsa. One of my goals for this year is to contact them and set up a visit. I still watch forged in fire but would like to visit in person to get the full effect.
+1 for me on Forged in Fire! :) Although I don't always watch it live, I always catch it on-demand later in the week... I have learned quite a bit from it especially the fact that I won't be forging anytime soon... ;)

Another cool show was "Knife or Death" with Bill Goldberg and Tu Lam, a former Green Berets operative. Usually came on right after FiF. While this show is not too much into the construction aspect, seeing various blades being wielded in various challenges is quite entertaining! :D

NOTE: Edited to give credit where credit is due!
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I have always like Goldberg, and the Knife or Death just made me like him more.I tell you though, I would not fight that dude with any kind of knife,LOL.
Somehow I missed this thread and I cannot see any of the photos from Mike's posts :oops:

My wife is afraid that I will start a forge in the backyard and burn the house down.

She was watching some stupid video on TV where a guy was trying to use a 55 gallon drum as of forge & nearly burnt down the whole town.

What I have to work with right now is an acetylene torch, small homemade anvil and collection of large hammers. I've been anxious to get on with the making my halberd, but so many things have been getting in the way.

And some I put in the way on purpose. Priorities, you know.

Anyhow I am anxious to see some pictures of the forge Mike.

I saw this video and thought of you, I knew theres was a post somewhere, lol