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getting back in, and shes joining me


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my lady thinks she would like to get into archery, says it takes more skill than firearms..... so I brought my old Bear Whitetail master home from my parents. got some new arrows and started shooting again for the first time in about 10 years. were going to try an find her a starter package. so we can shoot together. thinking about going to the local Dicks or Gander mountain. any recommendations an what we should look for. ive browsed online but would really like some real world input from guys whos wives/girlfriends do or have shot.
Glad to see you're get'n back into it!

I recently bought a new rig and started shooing for the first time in twenty years. My wife doesn't shoot yet, but I like the looks of the new PSE bows. They're relatively inexpensive and look to be a good option for beginners...
Check out the Diamond Razor Edge. It is a great starting point. Since it is modular, it covers a wide range of draw lengths and draw weights. Covers 10" of draw length (most bows are only 1") and 15-60 lbs (depending on DL). While it may be considered a "starter" bow, it is a serious shooter as I hear people use it for hunting, 3D, and targets. You can get it in pink if that is her taste. Runs around $320...comes with a sight (but I'd upgrade it), a rest, a quiver, peep, wrist sling. All you need is arrows and a release for her.

Here's a link and a description... http://www.basspro.com/Diamond-Razor-Ed ... /#desc-tab
Nice, glad to see people jump back into the archery fray.

Are you looking for something just for fun/target or are you looking for something to use for hunting as well?
I doubt I will get her hunting. Mostly just be backyard shooting.

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I'm including some kids bows here because I really have no idea as to your wives skill level, draw length or strength.

The Matthews Genesis is the bow my club uses for teaching kids and adults.

It's only a 15-20 pound bow with zero let off. This sounds bad but with most higher poundage bows you are still holding 15-20 pounds at the back end. It's a great bow for developing good form.


The most important think with equipping someone new is to not over bow them (i.e. too much poundage). Modern compounds are very efficient and you don't need a lot of poundage to be effective, esp. if you are just looking to shoot for fun and do not need the KE required for hunting.

Darton makes a nice bow. My first compound and still my favorite bow was a Darton.

Darton Ranger X -
"The Ranger X is geared to take the young archer into the world of bowhunting. The Ranger has a draw weight range of 15 to 50 pounds, and comes with 9 draw length modules (17-28 inches). Finished in full camo, it will help blend young hunters into their surroundings. The Ranger bow is available as a complete package." MSRP $211

Darton DS-600
"The DS-600 is a great hunting bow. It’s the best value you will find in any bow if you’re looking for cutting edge technology at an entry level price. Its machined alloy riser and efficient E-Flex Limbs coupled with Darton’s DualSync cam system will get you started with shooting qualities you only find in top end bows. The DS-600 comes with a complete set of draw modules and an adjustable positive draw stop. These features give this bow the flexibility to grow with the archer or to be passed to other family members." MSRP $422

PSE Mini Burner 20# beginner compound MSRP $200
PSE Chaos AD 29#/75% let off entry level compound MSRP $300
PSE Chaos One 40#/75% let off MSRP $300
PSE Rally 50# and up /70% let off MSRP $300

Honestly there are so many good options out there now, it's hard to narrow it down.
Thanks. Ive just been out of the loop long enough ive lost track of the technology.

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That Ranger X package from Darton looks ideal. And the price is right about where I wanted.

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Let us know how it works out.

Darton is a MI based company and has a strong following and reputation here. They make quality products. I believe they even make the cams for some of the Hoyt bows.
http://www.beararcheryproducts.com/bows ... prentice-2


For the money the Bear Apprentice 2 is a fun little bow. Several of my buddies wives shoot them for fun and really enjoy it. I will be getting my fiance one in the near future.
I love my Bear recurve!!! ;)

Bear has come a long way in the compound market.

Talking about Bear Archery is bringing back memories of the visiting the Bear Museum as a kid (back when they were still in MI. Good Times!!!)

Come to think of it the very first bow I ever owned was a Bear red fiberglass recurve. (And I still have it ;) )
I shoot a bear Truth 2..was getting it sighted in tonight. Put an HHA slider sight on it for this season.

There are a lot of good bows out there for the beginner. Many will grow as the person grows in DL and DW.