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Good morning

Good morning, Hooligans.
Today I took a short 25 mile trip to top off the fuel tank.

Have a nice trip to Omaha, Meanie.

Good morning. I spent the weekend in Omaha visiting friends and family. The weather turned out perfect. Drove back to Tulsa yesterday.

Have a great day and be safe.
Morning all. Thunderstorms about 3 am awakened me. Usually I just sleep through them.

Have a great day.
Good Morning Shooters.

It's a cool & breezy morning here in Clovis.

I was getting the urge to take the boat out by myself and do some more fishing but there is too much wind. I think I'll take the motorcycle into the office today and buy the guys lunch. I haven't seen them for almost 3 months now.

I've been so busy holed-up at home working on the boat that I've only gone shooting twice in the past 3 weeks. That's a bit off from my previous schedule of shooting three times a week. :rolleyes:
Good morning all. It looks to be a fine day in OK. I'm going to work at a friends rental house today. It's one of my part time retirement gigs.

Have a great day and be vigilant
Mornin....The wife is home from work today. So shes got me working in the yahd.
Then shopping....
Then I can go to my shop and play....
Good morning shooters.

The weather is going to be lovely here but the shooting range is closed on Thursdays. I need to go try out the Kahr and see how my throating worked out. It will have to wait.

I'm having my first cup of the morning and trying to decide whether to work on the boat or just go fishing.

My wife is retiring in a few weeks after 30+ years as a public school teacher. I spent yesterday afternoon moving the truckload of excess school supplies she owns into the shed.
Good morning shooters.

I brushed the first fiberglass onto the boat this morning. I am strengthening the gunnels on both sides.

I'm also trying to flare them wider and straighten up the lines.

Good morning men. Overcast, low 70's and breezy. Today's goals, replace one of the blade spindles on the lawn mower, and cook a chuck roast in my cast iron Dutch oven in the campfire.
Mornin! Going to tball with the grand kiddoe and Reconnecting with his deadbeat junkie dad. It's been 3 years. Not sure if I'm going to slug em yet.....too early to think about it....
Good morning Mossheads. Here in E TN we are at the the tail end of a wonderful overnight rain and thunderstorm. It will be a great day.
Good morning MO!

Looks like a perfect day to go to the target range here. It's going to be plenty warm and sunny today, but instead I will stay home and lay fiberglass on the boat.

I'm smoking a pork roast and some sausages and it will be done in about another eight or nine hours. I should be able to get two more coats of glass on in that time.