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Good morning

Good morning Mossberg Owners.

11 more spammers today but no new members.

According to the book, I’m supposed to change the spark plugs on the Tacoma every 30,000, miles and I’m about due for the second plug change.

I remember back in the 60s we were changing/cleaning spark plugs every 10 or 12,000 miles.

20k on a tire was pretty good mileage, before radials. These Michelin LT tires have 25k on them and still look great.

The Tacoma does have grease zerks, and it needs lubing on the steering and suspension. Anyhow, I do have some maintenance coming up.
Good morning yous guys. I have an 08 Hyundai Elantra , 176k miles. I bought it in 2010 with 40k miles, changed the plugs in 2021 @ 151k miles. So I know the plugs had at least 110k miles.

I remember the days of points, plugs, condenser every 10,000-12,000 miles. That’s just the way it was. Used to see cars alongside the road all the time with flat tires. That is rare these days.

This afternoon we drove up to the lake. We’ll go home Sunday. Hopefully tomorrow brings a motorcycle ride and a flight with my buddy in his airplane. We’ll see.

Y,all have a great evening.
I remember the days of points, plugs, condenser every 10,000-12,000 miles. That’s just the way it was. Used to see cars alongside the road all the time with flat tires. That is rare these days.
Besides the plugs, the coil packs on top of the plugs often need occasional changing, particularly when they go bad. There are also things like timing belt/chain/tensioners/waterpump that may need to be replaced before they fail and "kill" your engine.
Good morning Mossberg moaners….errr….Owners!

It would be a big thrill to go up in a light aircraft but all my flying buddies are passed on, or have lost their tickets due to diabetes.

Turns out I was the least qualified of the whole bunch, but the healthiest by a wide margin.

I’ve got some polishing and cleaning up to do but nothing exciting today. I’m working on a little magnetic torch holder for the mini welder. I’ve thrown away two so far, and I’m working on the third prototype, which I think is going to be ok.
Today is one of the few perfect weather day's that we'll have in this area. It was sunny and 60 early this morning and the high might reach 77 but the significant thing is that the wind is NOT blowing 20 - 30 mph like is usually is. A clear pleasant day without wind. A Kansas anomaly.

Have a great weekend
Good morning. Calm air, 61 with mid level clouds this morning. It would seem another nice day in store for us.

I missed the night light show this weekend. From what I have heard it was quite nice. I didn’t get to fly either, but did take a short motorcycle ride. We are in the spring cleaning mode at the lake and just about wrapped it up. This afternoon we head back to Tulsa.

Y’all have a great day.
No lights here either, but we needed less light and a clear night.

Good morning Mossberg Owners. Another day another half a dozen spammers.

I’m just messing with my tropical fish and enjoying the morning. I finished this little torch holder for the mini welder.

I have a different torch that I made to go on there and I’m still missing one of the chrome acorn nuts.
Good afternoon to all of us. Here we are, the 14th of May and we have had officially at the airport 7.2 inches of rain. Grass is green, flowers are blooming, and veggies are looking good. Today is sunny,, 78 degrees and no wind to speak of. It’s a chamber of commerce day.

Ya’ll have a great day.
Cadd, given you had the idea of starting a thread for pictures that make you proud to be an American I'm just going to add this here and if you want to transfer it that's fine. Great idea.

Good morning Mossberg Owners. Today I have to take the Camry in for a smog inspection.

Yesterday we discovered some termites in one of our facia boards. I just dug into it with a drill, and started the decontamination.

Fortunately I think the damage is localized to where I can just repair this board and not have to replace, it because it means tearing down my patio cover.

Most of this house is made from Douglas fir, which termites do not care for much. But there are some parts of this house that are made from Hem Fir, Which is softer and very tasty to them.

Fortunately I think it was all relegated to facia boards and trim, which is where I have found termites in the past.

10 years ago I did a mini tent with plastic over my bay window when they had gotten into the plywood. I replaced all that plywood with cement board and replaced the wood trim with well painted redwood (which they cannot eat.)

When we tore down the chimney and took out our fireplace so I could install a big aquarium, we found the termites had gotten into the header over the fireplace.

But all of that has been gone for about six years now and this is the first time since that I have seen a termite.