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Got a Ka-Bar 6.5” Warthog just because


Average Guy
its pretty huge. The spine is 0.250” thick, 1085 carbon steel with a rubber grip and a full tang. I’m going to either keep it on my tractor or in my duck coop so I’m never far from a big farking knife.

For scale that is a .223 Remington cartridge.


those ducks can attack you in a milisecond. better to safe.

I should post up a YOUTUBE video of me doing some batonning with it because for sure YouTube does not have any batonning vids of some guy hammering on the back of a knife blade.. Maybe I could start a trend for how to split kindling with a big knife and a stick of wood. I would be a GENIUS!
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What'cha done with it so far?

I pried an old pallet apart with it just to abuse it a bit. I made some feather sticks to start a charcoal BBQ fire. And i pruned back a few cedar branches (large twigs) that I didn't like to mow under. A machete and a hatchet and almost any other knife would have been just as good, though!
May have been just as good, probably, but if the ka bar held up to the task, I'd say it's serving you just fine.