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Got my Bow Back


Where's da fishes?
A couple weeks ago I found one of my upper limbs on my Bear Truth 2 (blacked out version) had a split from the tip past the axle. Shortened my first day out (just missed an opportunity on a nice 8 pt).

Long story short, I took it to my shop (Broken Rack Archery, Batavia, OH) and had Dustin look at it. Coincidentally, the Bear Rep was in the store. He looked at my bow and immediately ordered a set of limbs under warranty (4 1/2 yr old bow).

I got my bow back last night with new black limbs on it. Just got to get it dialed in now.

THANK YOU Bear Archery and THANK YOU Dustin for getting me back in the field!!!


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Wow that might not have ended well if you hadn't noticed.

Glad they got it fixed for you. Their prompt CS is duly noted.

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Nice that the factory rep. was there when you brought the bow in!! Some folks are just born lucky! :)