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Got the RDS and mount on one of the AK pattern rifles


Nitesite, how do you like the mount? Is it stable after shooting a few hundred rounds?

Nice setup!


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I've been busy.

My zpap has a bushnell trs-32, which is about the size of a 68 volkswagen (*only somewhat kidding).

And another that I have, has a midwest industries handguard and a bushnell trs-25.

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Sorry. My new job I work two shifts - 8am-5pm and 8pm-11pm.

swamped. Building a new department. On track to make partner in the firm in 3-5 years.

I transformed one of my garands to a mini G and added a primary arms red dot. Damn thing was still heavy. Sold it a while back to fund a new project.


Boy it sure is pretty dead around here.......................

As I don't have an AK, Aimpoint or MI product, nor educated opinions on them, I chose to lurk past your post. ;) It does look like a quality item and I would be interested in how the MI mounts and holds zero during a range report... :)

I may have mentioned this before but in this day and age of "instant" informational gratification and replies, I've noticed the forum format has waned since I've been on them. Meaning they are not as "busy" as they used to be. Many users have moved on to more interactional formats with more spontaneous (and "anonymous") replies like FB, IG and twit. Some moved on from over-moderated forums. Some have moved on to the great beyond, rest their souls... :(

PS: forums like MO are STILL the best places to get great information from, IMO. :)
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