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Hate Crimes?


.50 BMG
I don't believe in this "hate crime" nonsense. How do we punish people for their emotions?

IMO, people who hate enough to commit "hate crime" are not ordinary criminals at all. They are insane. They are sick people, who we don't know how to deal with, so we plaster them with extra charges to make it look good.

I believe the hate laws are just something illogical which the govt can prosecute with, when their primary case is weak, or they want to make political points with the weak-minded.

Their case is frequently weak, because most of the publicized crimes aren't committed by sane people for profit and advantage. They are committed by the deranged and insane, for insane reasons, because they are insane.

I think we allow our society to drive people crazy, there are more unstable people than ever, and the government has committed itself to doing nothing. Evidently everyone has the right to be crazy now, and IMO the rights of the sane and legal will be increasingly violated with "legal reason".
Bring on the "Thought Police" who will punish you for unpure thoughts... :rolleyes:

I'm tired of all the labels. WTF is a "White Nationalist" or "White Supremacist" anyway? I'm european-american although I prefer to be called a "person of lighter color" (ie: white). I live in this nation. I believe I am supreme to lesser beings... Does that make ME one of those? Even the term "Patriot" has negative connotations nowadays and I KNOW I am one of those...

I challenge ANY of these morons running for POTUS to define "racist". Or any of the other things they are accusing our President of being. They will not be able to avoid describing themselves...
So many people were shot in Chicago last weekend that the emergency rooms had to send people to distant hospitals. Nobody is talking about hate in those crimes. They're not talking about them at all, because those shootings were black on black crimes.

Several people were shot in El Paso last week by hispanics but that didn't make the national news.

But the El Paso shooter was a white guy, & that now makes every white gun owner a dangerous racist.