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Hatsan MPA modification

Ok, I finished my 590 mods so got onto my Hatsan MPA semi auto. From the factory they come in UK section 1 spec 7+1 with the mag tube being all 1 piece.

Like this

For some reason Hatsan decided the UK models wouldn't have external threaded barrels to take the muzzle brakes so I had to check the choke thread against other shotguns. After checking I found out the Beretta/Binelli both have the same choke threads so fitted a Trulock Breecher choke



I was a looking at the mag tube and noticed the external thread on the tube that locks the forend down was very similar to a Remington 1100. So with this I did a little research and found out if the mag tube is took off and cut just above the threads a Nordic components tube will fit. I searched around and found another guy who had done the conversion and he sent me these pictures . It takes it to 10+1 with 3" or 11 +1 with shorter shells :)





He even listed all the parts to order :) So I have them on back order now :)

Nordic Components Magazine Tube Extension Assembly Remington 870, 1100, 11-87, 105 CTi 12 Gauge 6-Round Matte
Nordic Components Magazine Extension Tube Barrel Clamp with Picatinny Rail 12 Gauge Aluminum Matte
Nordic Components Low Drag Teflon Coated Magazine Follower 12 Gauge Aluminum
Nordic Components Magazine Tube Extension Spring Only 12 Gauge 45" Length

In the meantime I tried to remove the original tube, It wouldn't move so called Hatsan in Turkey who confirmed the Loctite the mag tubes in place at the factory :/ so I will give it another go with some heat and a strap wrench (had to order one yesterday) once its off I can modify it in the lathe to fit the Nordic parts. I will post pictures in a few weeks once its done.

In the meantime I decided that the plastic forend is too smooth so today I was going to get the soldering iron out and give it a go at stippling but the plastic looked too thin. With that I headed down the hardware store and got some Draper stairs safety grip tape. Well 30 minuets later and the grip issues are sorted




I also spoke to Joe over at Kings armoury so I can sort a 6 shell side saddle and Peter at Midway UK for some rails for the Nordic barrel clamp. I also contacted ATI about a Talon T2 Six Position Adjustable Shotgun Stock with Scorpion Recoil System. They are not on sale yet but gave me the info to get one pre ordered from the UK distributer. It might be a while before I get all the work done but will keep you posted as to how I get on

All the best

Any idea what other company's do decent mag tubes? I got a call from Midway UK today saying Nordic Components have discontinued their mag tube range. I find it hard to believe as they are such good sellers but it leaves me back at square one for my build :evil:

LoL Forget that, As I was typing Nordic emailed me :) got the following

Nordic are discontinuing the tubes but have brought out newer mag tubes. The new range are the "MXT Modular Magazine Tube Extensions" They will be available to order soon
I was put off buying this gun as the guy at the gun shop said there was no way of extending the mag tube. Shows what he knows.

I have just got a Mossberg 500 and want to dress it up a bit but everything is so expensive here in the UK.
If your on Facebook join the racknload. As for the RFD who advised you they cant be modified , he is well and truly wrong. I work for an RFD and there are loads of mods you can do to all sorts of stock stuff. The Hatsan is a bit of a marmite shotgun if you know what I mean. in FAC they come with a fixed tube in 7+1. there is 2 ways of doing the work to fit a tube to make it 10+1. Either strip the gun down completely and take the tube off with a heat gun. The factory use red Loctite to fix the mag tube in place then use a lathe to mod the tube. Its the same thread as an 1100 so all you need to do is cut the tube down. Or leave it attached and use a pipe cutter or band saw / hack saw. Obviously if you saw it you will spend time with a file or the dremmel sorting the burs out . the follower is crap and so is the spring but other than that for the cash you cant beat them

As for your 500 is it SGC of FAC ? for a starter if its FAC extend the tube about £50 or £60 should sort that out. Then the rest it the stock and other bits. My 590 is fully kitted out


All the best

Ok got a bit of free time today so stripped it down completely. Tried to remove the mag tube but its either bonded or loctited in position. Will nip out to the store tomorrow and pick up a heat gun and vice and give that a go. Just need to remember how all the small parts go back together :) :lol:

Well after shifting 3 ton of gravel for the wife to the back yard I decided I had had enough fun for the day so headed down the hardware store. A few minuets later I now have a heat-gun 200 to 650 degree variable settings and a vice :) no leather soft jaws in stock so ordered a set online. Looks like I will be getting this project going any time soon. Got the vice on offer at half price 4" jaw opening and 1 ton of pressure

Well Heatgun and soft jaws did the trick. All apart now :)


Still waiting for the Nordic tube and barrel clamp but its getting there. Once the tube arrives I can cut the old mag tube down to fit it in the lathe then reassemble with a bit of blue Loctite
thank you for the update Chris. looks like you have it under control. :) keep them coming.
Gotta love a heat gun!

Bought one a while back and it comes in VERY handy when removing certain parts...
Hi Chris,

I live in Worcester UK and have a Hatsan Escort Field Pump and a Mossberg 835 Waterfowl, Where would you suggest purchasing aftermarket accessories for both guns here in the UK Im looking at things like torch mounts, Shell Holders and Muzzle Breaks etc etc

For info both guns are Section 2.

Many Thanks

For the Brakes use Midway UK they stock all the main ones such as Trulock. The Beretta/Binelli one first the Hatsan. They do different ones for Mossberg. Shell holders and torch mounts I usually buy form USA or Canada. Depends what style shell holder you are opting for (Velcro, Plastic or metal). Mesa Tactical are best but don't do them for Hatsan. Kings armoury (http://www.kingarmory.com/) do MPA and Hatsan escort versions but again your looking at shipping and import tax, Mounting solutions plus (http://www.mountsplus.com) are good for shotgun mounts. I have quite a few new unopened spare bits and bobs as I ordered loads of kit when all the exporters and UK stores were running low, if you cant find what you are looking for in the UK let me know I might be able to help.

I run the Velcro removable ones on my section 2 shotguns ( I think I have a couple spares in black and green) I use these as you can cut the Velcro to alow the serial number to be visible on renewal. If you fit a steel or plastic one make sure it either allows the serial number to be visible or easy to remove as on renewal the police will need to see the serial number and if its covered they will expect you to take it apart. Its the same issue in the field if the police roll up to your shoot as they will want to check the serial number against the one registered on your shotgun certificate

I also have a spare Mossberg tactical safety in one of my kit boxes somewhere

Buying US made is best mate. Most of the stuff on the UK market is china import as due to our gun laws it isn't economical for company's to manufacture in the UK as the market is so small

All the best

Ok I'm still waiting for my Nordic parts so in the meantime my latest addition is a Matchsaverz. unfortunately they don't fit the MPA without a little modification so this is how I got it a Matchsaverz to work with a Hatsan MPA

Tools required: A Drill, A Dremel, Dremel sanding wheel, A file and a bottle cap

The Matchsaverz kit includes: Velcro, a Flange, a screw and a rubber washer. There is a drill template included but it’s for a Benelli M2 so no use on the MPA.

The kit looks like this


Make sure your shotgun is unloaded then strip it down to take the forend off. If you look at the inside of the forend you will see the Flange needs to be mounted under the section that contacts the barrel, but high enough up to clear the magazine lock off button. Here in lies the issue, Hatsan MPA’s have a large spring and piston to operate. There needs to be sufficient clearance so the flange does not implead the pistons movement. No issues it can still be used just needs a little modification to the flange.

So once you have selected where to drill the hole and drilled it you can put the flange in. You will notice it doesn’t fit flush to the inside of the plastic. Basically there will be a plastic burr. Take the flange out and file the inside of the forend over the hole you just drilled to get rid of the burrs.

Get the bottle cap I mentioned and drill a hole in it.


Put the flange through the hole and use the bottle cap to hold as you use your Dremel and sand wheel to take a little off the slotted head of the flange. Don’t worry what it looks like it will be on the inside of the forend.

Fit the modified flange to the forend. It should look like this



Reassemble the shotgun and rack the action to check for function check to see if you have sanded enough off the flange to clear the piston. If not and it catches when going into battery take apart and repeat. (Remember you can always take more off but you can’t put it back to be patient)

Once it’s all done it should look like this




Then just reassemble the shotgun on and you’re ready to use it in competition :)

All the best

Excellent work Chris!

Cheers mate, my Nordic Components order has been delayed till August with Midway UK. Hopefully I should be able to get on with the build then. I'm also waiting for king Armory MFG LCC to get the side saddles back in stock. I haven't posted on here is a while as me and the wife are having a nightmare with our gun permits as she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has had an operation to remove the cancer and there is nothing else wrong with her. She isn't on any medication other than chemo once every 3 weeks. However the local police are being very funny. We have had a permit renewals in for 3 months the official run out date on our current permits is the end of next week. We got a call on Friday to tell us that on top of all the issues they raised in regards of chemo they have lost our files and have no idea where they are!! Going to be back on the phone with them tomorrow chasing as when it runs out I will be classed as in illegal possession of registered firearms, even though it was there error with the paperwork It looks like I will have to pay and lodge our guns with an RFD (FFL) or be arrested :shock:

Let you know how we get on. At lest in the US it is your 2nd amendment right to own firearms. Here in the UK its a privilege and they make you very aware of it :roll:
Ever had one of those days? Got an email saying your order has been shipped :) . Sat patiently waiting for the post man to arrive. I was expecting a +6 mag tube, Teflon follower, magazine tube spring, mag tube clamp and a couple of rails. My disappointment when all that arrived was this :( and a note saying the rest will be sent in SPETEMBER :evil:


Oh well to contain my disappointment I purchased

Briley door buster

Briley Fudd Wrabbit choke


And a load of stuff for my WW1 / WW2 rifle collection. looks like the Hatsan build is on the back burner till the shops get stock in :(

might even treat myself to a Gator choke if I can find one :)
Not going to get any lathe time for at least a week as my mate is away. However did a little more research and came across a guy who had done a similar mod on his shotgun. Got these as a reference guide. Doesn't loot too much work

First I need to cut the 1 piece tube off just above the outer threads. Then screw the mag extension on and measure the gap like this


Then put the tube back in the lathe and cut it down and chamfer the edges




Then I should end up with this

New mag tube screws on and barrel clamp to hold it all in place. Cant wait to get on with it