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Havlin Sales


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The Mossberg Collectors Association, in connection with Havlin Sales & Service, is your one-stop shop for parts, history and instruction guides for obsolete and vintage Mossberg models. Founded in 1988 by Mossberg historian Victor Havlin and his wife Cheryl are co-authors of the Mossberg history book, "More Gun for the Money: History of O.F. Mossberg & Sons." For more information, visit;

http://www.mossbergcollectors.org/ or,

http://www.havlinsales.com/ or call,


Victor and Cheryl Havlin
ive known vic since the mid 80's , they are fantastic people , ive been a member of the club since then myself i was member #62 hahahaha
Vic is a great guy, I had the pleasure of meeting him at the SHOT show.
The best deal is to join the NMCA and buy the book, you get it all shipped for 35.00.

NMCA # 2825
I recently bought a slide tube, nut and forearm for my Mossy to replace the pinned forend. They shipped it quickly and it was already assembled. I feel much better now knowing I have something reliable and sturdy. I would buy from them again in a heartbeat. Good folks to deal with IMO.

I have a Western Field Model 47B and in my quest for information on this gun was directed to Vic at Havlin Sales by a YouTuber. I e-mailed a request for information on a weekend and the following Monday morning Vic called me! As I told him about the gun I have he gave me information about it and sounded more excited about this old rifle than I am! Cheryl has e-mailed me with pricing and answered all of my questions regarding a couple of original parts, in very timely fashion. Yes, they are awesome folks!