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Hehehe,half done hybrid

I guess my hands shrunk with age, but it always seemed like I wasn’t really holding the grip tightly enough while firing. My trigger finger was extended way out there or I had to ride my hand up to the top of the grip...So, slipped this Hogue on there this morning. Feels good so far, but of course makes the gun too short. So, I plan to just get another mounting bolt of this length, bend and weld another Allen wrench to the bolt,then weld something on to that to get back to the proper OAL.. maybe some flat stock that some wood scales could attach to, knife style..lol only needs a couple, three inches..yeah,I know, that’s what she said..View attachment 24042
I have that same pistol grip stock and I ended up not liking it. I think a birdshead stock would be the thing for me.
I’ve got both now, so I can switch in seconds. My only real concern, however slight, is that an extended mounting bolt to reach OAL is sufficient. In my mind it is, as the gun would basically be unfireable with the bolt removed..as far as the pistol grip, after popping a couple #00 and a couple of the new mini bucks, the familiar wrist jolt was there, but none of the birds head blood. Lol Plus I still felt like the gun was in my hand at all times..I’ll be sticking with the mini’s from here on out as my penetration test put the 3 bigger balls equal in depth to the #00 and the smaller #4 buck not far behind..
85AE61CC-DD86-4A6A-AE5B-275267B47883.jpeg Been going back and forth on the Hogue and the birds head, and decided to combine some of each. So, ordered a couple new raptor grips directly from Shockwave, crazy fast shipping from Florida to Tacoma, 4 days,USPS, for 8 bucks..cut the finger grooves off the Hogue and will inlet them into one of the raptors. Should give that relaxed wrist angle,plus a more anchored grip..we’ll see..not gonna have to grind much to get them set in,I think..View attachment 24392
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