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How to install a Picatinny bipod to a MVP LC

I am fairly new to firearms, and I have recently bought a MVP LC combo which comes with a Cladwell bipod on the sling stud. Last week my friend gave me a Magpul Picatinny bipod as present, and I have problem finding a way to install it.

I know there is a two-slot sling stud pica adapter on amazon, but is there a way that I can install a picatinny rail onto the MVP LC so that I can install the bipod directly?
@Lawrence825 ,not too ignorant at all.
Any chance you take pix of the components you want to fit and post them here?

I'd like to see that rail and bipod. That would help the geniuses here to help you out. [I am not one of them.]
This thread is a few months old, I figure you must have solved it, but for any new comers:

I just started shooting a MVP LC 762. I bought a UTG Super Duty Bi-pod with QD Lever Mount and it came with a picatinny stud adapter.

They are available separately on Amazon:


But I haven't been dealing with Amazon since Parler. I bought from JSE Surplus ( https://www.jsesurplus.com/ ), but I believe they don't sell the adapter separately. There are some @ eBay, but what I've seen too expensive.