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I have another new knife.

So I finally broke down and Monday ordered a new knife from SMKW .
It’s the Buck GCK.
I had it overnight shipped so it came yesterday . It’s the tan spear point model.
Out of the box it was sharp very sharp . I haven’t seen a Buck knife from the factory that sharp in a few years. This one shaved the hair off my arm. I had seen several reviews of it in the last year all the guys that did the reviews on YouTube gave it a good review. Saying it could do most camp activities. Even used as a survival knife . It wasn’t a great chopper or that great at batoning. You could see that for your self by looking at it. It’s definitely made for stabbing. All the steel is 5160 high carbon.
Buck also uses the Boss heat treat on it.
The handle on the tan model is Micarta. It fit into my hand nice . I think when I get to use it that it will be very comfortable it’s easy to grip.
I have a Rat 5 and a Ontario SP1 so I won’t probably use the Buck a whole lot at camp . After I see for myself how it dose on some basic outdoor stuff.
Now that I’m fairly sure of the quality of it and how the Buck GCK is designed it’s mostly a combat knife so it will be on my gun belt. As a last resort weapon.

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I enjoy going through SMKW's building. It's 3 floors of awesome.

Everything from knives and bladed materials to survival things, to ammo, guns and even had some suppressors in the display case.
I think I will the buck seems to be well made probably out last me . It’s also the last knife I will be buying for awhile. Of course I’m unlucky we don’t have many choices around my area . One place sells Buck knives a few places sells China grade Gerber knives . Dunham’s only has a few buck knives . They sometimes get in some American made Gerber knives.
If I had a SMKW around here there are a few other knives I would like to get . The Glock knife and a couple Ontario knives .
Then my survival/ combat knife will be complete.
The Buck GCK spear point has definitely become my favorite. If it preforms like the YouTube reviews showed . It will be my favorite. Honestly one more knife other then the list I just gave.
I think at some point I would like to get the Buck GCK in sniper grey with the tanto point.
Buck definitely hit a home run with there GCK line in my opinion.
Buck makes a chopper comparable to the Ontario SP 8 and woodsman pal. It’s made of 5160 carbon steel also . I really like it except it retails for $175 . It also has serrations about 1 -2 inches of the blade near the handle . Also for the price I think the Ontario SP8 would be better.
Really if your into that style of knife the buck GCK is a fine blade

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