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I want to load some 115 FMJ 9mm. Have you done that?


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I haven't. Done (in the past) a lot of 9mm Luger 124-gr and 147-gr and much of it was my cast powder coated bullets. Some was with factory bullets.

But 115s I have never done, and now I have a couple thou 9mm Hornady HAP 115 which loads the same as Hornady XTPs.

I have lots powder from which to choose. And a Hornady load manual plus four or five other books. :)

Accurate #5 and #7

I can't find any other powder for sale that would be "perfect" like Power Pistol or others, just the stuff I have on hand.

Ideas? Thoughts?
Nitesite, from your list I've used Unique for 115 JHP. If I remember correctly, but please check the old guys memory, you use about 4.5 grains of Unique for around 1000 fps. But you can go up maybe to around 5.5 for +P. Just need to watch your pressures depending on age of gun.

Please check the manual. Not sure on other powders but manuals should show burn rates for comparison.


Yep, Ernst that seems right for 1000-fps but geez the 115-gr should spit out better than that don't you think and I think your +P number might also be correct. I'll definitely check.

Thanks, Pard
I use titegroup for most all of my 9mm. Also Vihtavouri N320 is supposed to be really good too.

I don't believe I have ever loaded 115 hornady XTP, but they're pretty popular so there surely is a load for it out there somewhere.

As a sidenote, I used some 124 gr gold dots with some Alliant BE86 in my SD loads. Out of the P365 barrel, is able to get those pills up to 1090 fps even out of the snubnose barrel. It's the closest load that I have made similar to factory speer short barrel ammo, though is a little slower but not by much.

So, if you're using a 4 or 5 inch barrel, will easily top those numbers. There's only about 2 inches of actual barrel in the P365 because the 3" barrel includes the chamber and why I consider it as a snub nose.

It's a bit snappy though.

Longshot powder is also a bit slower burning that can get some decent numbers if you're loading them hot too.

You can also use clays, but it's generally on the mild and slow side. Much like your 45 loads.
Nitesite, you should be able to push your velocities above 1200 FPS as long as you watch your chamber pressures. Assume your firing these out of one of your new guns? Shouldn't be an issue if gun is rated for +P.

Like John said barrel length can become an issue with regard to bullet stabilization but typically only a problem with heavier projectiles.

If gun not rated for +P, I'd be careful pushing an old gun to far. Lots of the older "street" 9mm are not rated for +P like military and service weapons.

I typically load up about 10 rounds each with a variety of powder weights and see how they preform. Every gun has its sweet spot regarding accuracy vs. velocity.

Please let us know how things go.

It depends a lot on the gun too Ernst.

Many "older" guns have no problem with 9mm NATO loads, which are basically ~38,000 psi, whereas most "9x19" are in the 35,000 psi territory. The 9mm +P or ++P or +P+ or whatever other fancy moniker they are using is essentially the warmer nato loads. IMI had a pretty large batch of the nato spec'd ammo that had a warning not to shoot it in handguns. Said they were only intended for the heavy bolt subguns and such.

But, I generally tend to baby my older guns, even though they are likely structurally superior to a lot of the newer stuff out there (not saying tupperware, but it is what it is). Steel is always going to be stronger than polymers. To that, is not intended to hurt anyones' feelings, but I believe we can all be honest and agree on that.

I can tell you that Ruger (company) said even the old P85 is rated for +P and nato stuff. One of the most often under rated guns of all time. They're the AK47 of the handgun world.

Nitesite, I didn't look at the powder burn rate chart on hogdons website to see which is the slowest burning of the powders that you have listed. Generally, slower burning powders will often achieve higher fps out of longer barrels. You should be able to get the 115's up over 1200 fps with a 5 inch barrel pretty easily. Most over the counter 115 9mm's are in the 1130-1165 fps ballpark. I have no doubt you could walk up past 1200 with a little work and testing.
My indecision is because I want to make ammo with these 115-gr HAP jacketed bullets, but if I make an "ideal" load for one pistol (for instance my new GLOCK26) using a really fast powder, it won't be "ideal" for shooting from my GLOCK35 5", or my Ruger PC Carbine 16". So.....because I am incredibly lazy sometimes, I don't want to hand load different ammo batches and carefully mark identical looking pistol cartridges that are somehow "best" for one gun and maybe terrible for another.

I already have a big enough problem with that when I load rifle ammo meant just for certain rifles. It is a lot of effort for a lazy man like myself. :)

It is similar to the problem I find myself in with my GLOCK 23C which has a barrel and slide cut for compensator ports. Because of the barrel porting I should only use really fast powders and jacketed bullets, never plated or cast.

And I already have a big cabinet pretty full of loaded ammo, so I think I got myself in a self-made problem of which there is no really simple answer.

I know, "FIRST WORLD PROBLEM" and I laugh at myself for even being so concerned about it. I should simply allow that making the steel plates ring or putting holes in paper, without ideally matching guns with ammo components, should be okay for recreational shooting. RIGHT?

Hey! I just thought of one idea that would solve all this self-imposed stupidity.

Sell everything except for .22LR handguns and rifles, and just shoot whatever!

Or make all my handgun ammo similar to Winchester White Box for general purpose, and not sweat the little details. But sometimes it's those details that are the most fun......
Nitesite, I had to smile at your comment above. Suspect 90% of those on this forum are wishing they had your "big cabinet of loaded ammo" problem!!!!! A few of us are lucky to have had the foresight to stock up on both factory ammo and reloading components a couple of years ago.

I'd segregate the ammo you have loaded by gun type as starting point which will upfront identify any major shortfalls immediately.

Like I said earlier most guns have a sweet spot regarding accuracy vs. velocity. Know it takes time but arranging your on hand powder by burn rate and testing a few different powder and grain load combination will get you quickly to a bottomline of what works best in each gun. Five rounds each with 0.2 of a grain will typically cover the range to +P.

That will help you identify a go forward strategy for eack wespon..

Or, if this gets to be to much send me a PM and I'll provide my address where you can send your extra weapons. Old men can never have to many toys and I certainly can load ammo. Just finished cleaning, sizing and priming 1500 9mm casings. We need something to keep us out of trouble, my friend.


How many pounds of shit can you pay the freight for? I'll hide the HAZMAT stuff like 50-pounds of powder and 18,000 primers inside of an innocuous UPS box, OH.... and there might be some silly firearms also that weigh the box down. It would be just doing a friend a favor and taking stress off of me, right?
Well, you know how I am. Anything to help out a friend.

After I empty the box, I'll even take the empty box and shipping popcorn to goodwill and send you the donation slip so you'll be able to put the deduction on your taxes. That's how good of a pal I really am. The government may owe you a refund this year for a change.

How many pounds of shit can you pay the freight for? I'll hide the HAZMAT stuff like 50-pounds of powder and 18,000 primers inside of an innocuous UPS box, OH.... and there might be some silly firearms also that weigh the box down. It would be just doing a friend a favor and taking stress off of me, right?

I'm sure between John and I plus one or two other forum characters of questionable "whatever" we could relieve you of your burden and stress. I've got a dually Cummins diesel which is certainly up for the task.

What are friends for in your time of need!

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It has been a while since I reloaded 9mm. 115gr FMJ and JHPs. I'd have to look up my recipe but I think I settled on a "pet" load of Bullseye on the lighter side. Less kick but able to cycle the slide consistently. Some are 25yo and still go bang every time.