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IDF question ?


Does IDF have an age restriction for prior service ? Im pretty sure I was in the wrong dang army. I have had two knee reconstructions lost one eye cant hear on one ear and a bad shoulder however i can shoot really well and i know how to type about 28 words a minute so id be willing to help for couple years.
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I have a lot of respect for the Israeli's.
I think military service, although brief, should be required of all in THIS country (US) as well. There would be far fewer pussies in either gender...
I did some cross training down there in the 80s. Their rifle and handgun training was second to none. I was very impressed. With the notable exception of their handgun condition 3 carry. Thats an empty chamber. Having said that in the interest of balance I tried their system on a range. Draw the sidearm, cycle in front of the face and punch out toward the target while firing. I still dont like it, cant recommend it but have to admit, at 20yds the round printed centre target. Go figure.
When down there in the 80s it was described to me as 'the eye of the storm'. Many diddnt realise how many were there from far and wide, and for various reasons. It was to a large degree the 'testing ground'. Not speaking the language my conversations mostly started with 'do you speak English'. A typical reply would be 'We aught to, were Australians'....