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Inaccurate Patriot , but that's why I bought it - I hope


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I bought my first-ever Patriot after looking for a used one for awhile now. After reading and watching many reviews about how inaccurate the Mossberg Patriot is, I had to buy one just so I could see what these issues are about and see for myself firsthand. Hopefully, I purchased a Lemon.

It's a sickness I have had since I was a kid, I have to know why, LOL. I guess that's how I ended up becoming a Test Engineer. So over the next few months, I will be putting this rifle through a battery of tests and, eventually, modifications/upgrades. That is if it does shoot poorly; If not then I spent money for no good reason...

I just have to finish testing my New Bergara B14 Hunter first... then on to this one.


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Hopefully, I purchased a Lemon...

I just have to finish testing my New Bergara B14 Hunter first...
Is the Bergie a lemon, too? :D

Although I don't deliberately BUY broken things to see if I can fix them, I WILL tear apart something I already own to see WHY it broke and if it can be fixed... :)

Welcome Aboard!!! :)
Is the Bergie a lemon, too? :D
Geezz, I hope the Bergara isn't it's New in the Box. I buy a lot of broken things, especially vintage rifles, nothing like steel and walnut. As a said it's a sickness. I don't have many Mossbergs; the ones I do are shotguns. This is the first High Power Mossberg I have purchased. I can't for the life of me understand the bad reviews on the Patriot, but besides the Janky stock, there is little not to like about this rifle! For the price, you get a 6.5-pound, fluted target crown, hunter tapered barrel a Fluted bolt that seems to cycle as smoothly as a higher-end Remington 700. The trigger has only the slightest creep. Really it's a nice lightweight hunter. One of the reasons I had to see for myself is what the story is on these rifles.

The only thing so far I don't like about this rifle is the stock, scope mounts, and detachable magazine (even though it's solid), all of course is a personal preference. It works out to be solid, I might even take it Deer hunting this year - but that's a big maybe we all have our favorite rifles.
Welcome to the forum @usabaker !

I once worked as an engineer for a company where we tested a lot of bulletproof windows and explosion proof windows. That was fun to go out and shoot a .30-06 at a piece of 2 inch armor glass. We used to blow glass out with air pressure but we never got to use any actual high explosives for testing.

We sent some windows to the Navy and they tried to blow them up in their testing.

It must’ve been okay, because they bought a bunch of them.

Good luck with your new Mossberg.
Well, I guess I got a lemon because I this Mossberg Patriot in 270 Win shoots perfectly. I dropped a new scope on it, once sighted in I shot four 3 shot groups using Winchester 150rn Power-Point at 100 yards and all four groups were under an inch. I looked at my buddy who was watching though the spotting scope and said; well guess I don't need to use anyone ammo on this rifle. If the rifle shoots that good with that cheap Winchester ammo, I'm curious now to bulid some of my hunting loads which are Barnes 130gn TTSX pushed with HyBrid 100V powder and Remington 9 1/2 primers. I like this rifle and it .6 lbs lighter then the Bergara just might take her out Deer hunting this year.

I was able to pick up a factory walnut stock for it, wonder if that will change things.