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Installing a swivel on synthetic stock?

I have a field model Maverick 88.
Anyways I went out a week or so ago to shoot at cardboard targets I placed in a tree.. (I'm a cheap skate.. haha..) and I noticed that I really miss having a strap to carry the gun around. (Had to cross a fence to get on back in the woods)..
So I looked the swivel studs up online.. Thinking of ordering the Uncle Mike's version.. but now we come to my question..
Are there any specific guidelines to follow when drilling into a synthetic stock? I've googled everything about this, and honestly I haven't found anything significant..

I'm guessing the little square like deal on the stock is where I drill.. Correct?
And can somebody that has a swivel stud back there, take a picture of just the stud on the stock just so I can make sure I have a mental image of how its supposed to look?

I'm fairly new to shotgunning in general, so any help would be appreciated :)

i'm not sure about drilling a synthetic stock,but heres another option.


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heres a better look. hope it helps.


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LogicallyInsane said:
Oooohh I like that.. I could even trade it back and forth between guns.. Great find! Thanks for the idea! :D

glad it helped.
You can email me at cliffd@hotmail.com. Mine isn't as fancy as the one mossy posted up, it's simply black. But it's like new and should work just fine for toting your shotgun around in the woods :)

I got your PM. Good timing too, I'm off work Monday :)

I'll send it out that morning and let you know its on its way.

Good luck!
I used an Uncle Mike's swivel on my synthetic stock and it worked great. Yes the little square spot was where I drilled.

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