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Iowa deer hunting with rifles.


w00t!! We can now hunt deer in Iowa with center fire rifles for the January Antlerless Only season, Jan 11 - 29, 2012. May have to invest in a rifle soon. May not seem like a big deal to most, but this has been something Iowa hunters have wanted for a while. I didn't even realize this had passed, I was just looking up dates for this years seasons and noticed that in the new regulations release.
Great news !!

Any ideas on what brand...what action... and what cartridge you would be looking at...?!

I own a Winchester M1894 lever action in .30WCF ...a great brush carbine for Pennsylvania whitetail and a Remington 700BDL bolt action in 7mm Remington Magnum...that will drop everything else on this continent. ;)

...and then there's my Remington 7600 pump action centerfire rifle chambered in 30.06 Springfield.
I think I got the bases covered.
Just starting to consider that option. More than likely it'll be bolt action in .308. I'm really digging the Remington 700 AAC-SD since I plan on moving to an NFA state in the future. I've been looking at the Mossberg MVP and 100 ATR, but not really sure what the major differences between the two are. Maybe someone can throw in some input on that? I could just build/buy an AR in .308, but we've been down that road. Plus, we're restricted to 6 rounds (5+1) and what fun would that be in an AR? :p Either way, this is number 3 on my to buy list so it'll be a while before I actually pick this up. Still gotta take a deer with the 500 and I wont have time to go this year with the baby coming right in the middle of the season.
All good choices...

If I were going to buy another rifle... at this point I would probably go with a .308 AR platform
I just bought an ATR chambered in .270 and it's a sweet shooter and inexpensive to boot!
Mine came with a Barska 3x9 but I put my Nikon 3x9 on it.
Can't wait till November 5, so I can feel my fridge!
Is November 5th "Feel your Fridge" day !? :D

We're gonna chip in and get you typing lessons dude...! ;)
SHOOTER13 said:
Is November 5th "Feel your Fridge" day !? :D

We're gonna chip in and get you typing lessons dude...! ;)

LOL!! Beat me to it! I was gonna ask how your fridge felt about that. It may turn you in for sexual harassment.
That do that ...?

Seriously dude....cut back on that caffeine ! :D

...or buy a phone with a bigger key pad.
I guess being distracted and typing on a touch screen do not mix well.
Sorry about hijacking the thread. Please continue.
Thats great news! Still cant rifle hunt in Ohio cept for coyote.

I'm likin the bolt .308! I have my eye on one here too!