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It's not the size of the dog in the fight... It's

When I saw a Ukrainian babushka wave an AK-47 in the direction of Russia, I didn’t need a translator.

I’m not sure how winning a gorilla war against a civilization with advanced technology is more likely than winning one with Ashcanistan.

I see that Poland and other countries in the EU have committed aircraft to Ukraine.

They clearly see Putin as a big problem.

I don’t think that officially makes it World War III, but then it may be a post hoc designation, because nobody will bother to fill out the paperwork.
Russian tank commander surrendered via cell phone text...
A Russian soldier called Misha brought his tank to the Ukrainian military intelligence. They regularly identify phones of Russian soldiers and text them conditions for surrender. He called them back and offered surrender in exchange of money and safety.
They defined a safe place to meet and used a drone to make sure this was not an ambush. [via Twitter]