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Kalifornia to raise age to purchase firearm, other

John A.

Unconstitutional laws are not laws.
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Kalifornia bill going to Governor to raise age to purchase a firearm and to limit the ability to purchase more than one firearm a month for anyone.

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and THAT's not infringing on anyone's constitutional rights......
But hey...let's protect illegal aliens.............................o_O
Very few of the illegals make it to College buddy.

It looks like the Democrats in California are continuing to eat their own.

Xavier Becerra or Attorney General was the darling of the gun hating left.

Evidently his competition says Becerra cannot serve because he was listed as “inactive” from 1991 to 2017 in the state bar. State law requires the attorney general to have been “admitted to practice” before the state Supreme Court for five years before taking office.

Under this law he's actually not qualified for the office he serves in now.

Actually Jerry Brown illegally evaded the same rule but he had a lot more pull than Becerra.