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Knew knife

I just ordered a new knife yesterday. It's a Ontario Rat 5. It isn't a Top's knife . All the reviews are good on the Rat 5. I'm not sure that I'm going to like the sheath . I'm going to look into a kydex sheath for it. It should be here Tuesday . If I like it I think I will buy it's big brother. The Rat 7.
My plans for the Rat 5 is I'm going to put it on my gun belt .
Have any of you guys have the Rat 5? What are your thoughts on it? The price on it is the best I seen the knife go for. The reviews I have seen all have been good. The $54.99 talked me into getting it .

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I received my Rat 5 today . I like it . It is bigger then I thought it would be. It appears to be a solid knife. It was sharp out of the box . Not like my other Ontario knives . Now for the sheath it works that's all I can say .I'm either going to have to modify the sheath in some way or buy a kydex sheath with MOLLE clips on it . I may just use the factory sheath . The MOLLE on it works but then the belt loop gets in the way .
I don't really have the money to keep spending on the Rat 5 . I'm going to fold the loop over and zip tie it down or use a Velcro band to hold it down .
I have other MOLLE pouches I want to buy for the belt . A pull out trauma kit and a MOLLE shotgun shell pouch.

I will post pictures when I finish everything .

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