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Load data chat - for HANDGUN info purposes only.


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Mingaa suggested starting two reloading threads, one for handgun and one for rifle, where we can post up our favorite and successful recipies that might help our fellow members.

Have some fun with this if you want to join in!
I'm looking for some good .45acp loads. I have the dies and a pile of brass, but I haven't played with anything yet.
I'm looking for some good .45acp loads. I have the dies and a pile of brass, but I haven't played with anything yet.

A 230-gr cast LRN and published Hodgdon Clays data (4.0-grains) is THE SOFTEST SHOOTING load that does 775-fps from a 5" 1911 that I have ever shot, and it is accurate as hell.
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I just said the "F"-word out loud.
i suppose you want pictures, too bad don't have any
we got the bases for the load off Handloader Magazine, it was actually supposed to be faster but not from his pistol.....its edgy .. 10mm almost got jelly
It's a good defensive load that probably be a decent woods load for ACP, Barnes auger in deep like a good hard cast but those petals damage a bit more from what I have seen in game my friends have taken with all coppers, I have yet to shoot a creature with one
~4.5 grains IMR 700x, under a 200 grain Bayou Coated RN makes for a happy 1911. 700X is notoriously bad for metering, so charges ranged from 4.2-4.9
CCI large pistol primer.
1.262 C.O.A.L give or take a couple thousandths for coating thickness.

pretty soft shooting, accurate load for practice, or plinking.

Nuthin' wrong with 700-X in the .45 Auto cartridge. For some it might meter a bit coarse but it's a very good powder for that cartridge. My Lyman #55 holds within 0.2-gr all the time. Not exactly sure how it can drop so badly for others.

I really don't think Hi-Skor 700-X meters much differently than many other popular flake powders like Clays, Red Dot, Green Dot, Unique.

I really like the stuff!
Hard to find load data for anything more than 147 gr in 9mm, but here's some 158's, 160, and 165's from shooting times.

**I am so glad that someone is putting some load data out there. Thank you!!!

Entire article here (well worth reading too)


And for you guys that don't like to read and only look at the pictures:

Accurate #7 is my FAVORITE powder for 9mm Luger with heavy (147+) bullets. None better. Absolutely ZERO flash and high velocity and accurate.