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Looking for a Head Mount Camera to Film Hunts.

Gary Murray

.270 WIN
Any ideas where i can find a decent one at a not too expensive price? Something that clips onto the brim of your hat or a strap mount for your head. The one i've seen on a few hunting shows is like a tube and straps to the side of your head.
give 'helmet camera' a Google - there are LOTS of options from cheapo to HD wide angle to waterproof.
Thanx Mingaa. I don't want to go too cheap or too expensive. There were a few i did Google. Right now i have a cheap helmet camera that bike riders/atv'ers use but i don't think it is right for what i want. Makes a beep when i turn it on. There is one that has caught my eye for a 100.00 right now. It mounts right onto your scope for P.O.V. (point of view).
The camera I use on my bow had to be hacked. I found instructions online on how to disassemble it and disconnect the speaker to prevent the start-up beep and subsequent noises it made. It still records sound fine, it just won't play it back.

That might be an option depending on the camera and how daring you are with a screwdriver and soldering gun.
Mike, not a good idea for me. I'm one of those guys that will lose a screw or have an extra one left over lol.
My New Hunting Video Camera

I just purchased this mini sized video camera. It has 4 mounts. Handle bar, compound bow, tree spike and one that clips onto the brim of your hunting cap. You can even use the handle bar mount to attach it to the tube of your scope. It was priced at a $109.00 with a choice to make an offer. I offered a $100.00 and he accepted. He still has lots more if anyone is interested in filming their hunts this fall. I haven't received it yet so i can't really give anyone here a good or bad review on it but i have looked up some demos of it in use on Youtube and it looks good thus far. My buddy has one and it's only 3 1/2 inches long in case you are wondering about it's size and bulkiness.

Re: My New Hunting Video Camera

Tagging for future updates to see how the actual unit performs.
Re: My New Hunting Video Camera

John A. said:
Tagging for future updates to see how the actual unit performs.
I'll keep you posted. I'm in Canada and this is coming from the states so no telling how long it will take to get here.
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I like that little thing. I did some looking on the page and it says about "Shipping outside the usa will take anywhere from 4-17 business days. Some international orders may take up to 10 days before shipping.
Standard international shipping does not have tracking available. If you want tracking, you will need to upgrade to Priority or Express Mail International
So if you wanted a tracking number you would have to upgrade your shipping method as well...

let us know when you get it. and if you wanted , you could do a little review of it in the product review section...

I looked up some reviews on it and some are negative. Mostly about it not being able to pick up an animal at 50 yards away in low light conditions. You can't zoom in with it either. I'll try and post a video demo of it working from Youtube. I doubt it will be here in time for my grizzly hunt next weekend. It says shipping is 4-17 days. I'm guessing it will be on the latter end of the scale due to it being electronic and having to go through customs.

Here's a demo i found on it.