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Looking for a new EDC folder

Water Monkey

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Title says it all.

Currently carry a Fox 599 karambit the past few years. Good and bad about carrying it but I'm going back to the straight blade. Knife has held it's edge without sharpening this whole time and has had a few bouts in the washer/dryer without rusting.

NY has a 4" blade law for EDC. Looking more for a tanto but will compromise on that for better steel. But I'm adamant on having a wave feature since my current EDC has that and I really like the fast deployment especially under stress. Prefer darker colors.

Currently in the running in order of preference:

1) Spyderco Edura Wave 3.8" blade

Would prefer it to be in a tanto blade configuration but the steel is solid. A little pricier but sub $100 in the market.

2) Kershaw CQC 8k 3.5" blade

Steel its offered in is eeeh but for the money I shouldn't complain. My main issue is that it's a chisel grind and I prefer the v grind. The tanto model below it is a V grind but I am NOT a fan of the half G10/stainless handle.

I'm looking to keep my options in the $50-$150 range. Preferably sub $100.

Any other options out there that I should look into that have good feedback from users here?

Water Monkey
I really like the CRKT, m16 line. My daily is the m16-10ks. Compact, no frills, fast one handed opening and closing, gets worked a lot. Maybe not the best edge holder, but makes up for it everywhere else.


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I believe youd to appreciate the Kershaw(emerson). I have one, i use on occasion in left pocket, for retention assistance one handed opening, when I open,carry right handed. Not sure if I wrote that correct ??? Simplified if I'm holding pistol in right hand holster and a monster is,trying to,extract it. The left hand is poking holes in said monster with the kersaw......Screenshot_2019-03-02-16-33-41.png 15515629923381517629890332911542.jpg
Ps for under 50 bucs worth the try , if not your fav its a,good extra or gift..... Took awhile to grow on me.