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Mag dropping during cycling/firing.. mvp patrol 308


Copper BB
Hey all I’m new to the group. I have a few guns but just bought my first mossberg, the Mvp Patrol in 308. While I know there’s issues with wobble and looseness related to the standard pMag it comes with and replacements, but I’m wondering if anyone has had their 10shot mag that the patrol comes with in the box, literally drop out of the mag well while cycling and : or firing? I took mine to range to shoot if for the the first time after purchase and the mag dropped out so many times I had to hold the mag with my support hand when firing to stop it from de-latching. I’ve since used a flat head screwdriver to “bend” or at least “manipulate“ the latch release out as far as I can without breaking it, and i will test at the range tomorrow to see if I was successful. But I was wondered if anyone else has seen this or heard of this happening? Especially considering there are so many complaints about the loose mags and mag wobble.
I think I had that happen a few times when I first got mine but not anymore. I know I have to push up on my PMAG's till I hear a click and haven't had it happen in a couple years now. I have 3 of those 10 round ones and all stay in.
Had this issue with an MVP Patrol in .556 issue was the spring in the mag release. Spring was too weak and was allowing the mag release to shift or unlock either from recoil or cycling the bolt.
Replace that spring with a stronger one and no more mag drop.

Chris M.

Copper BB
Well that freaked me out a little. A user with my same first name and last initial having the same issue I did with the same gun. I searched this issue in these forums and found this post. At first I thought maybe I had a stroke and don't remember posting it last year but the timeline doesn't work out and in looking that his profile he is younger then I am and his writing style isn't like mine either.

I will try replacing the spring as suggested above.