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Magpul AK grip


.270 WIN
Thought I'd give one of these a try. Bought it from Primary Arms for $21 plus $4 shipping. First thing I noticed was the angle is quite a but greater. I don't yet have an opinion about that good or bad though.

I was a little irritated that the supplied bolt is a regular slot instead of a hex or torx. Especially since you have to fish around deep inside the grip to thread it. The new bolt comes with some thread lock on it which was nice.

The form is very nice and comfortable. It does a pretty good job conforming to the back of the trigger guard.

It uses the same core storage as their AR grips which is handy.

The texture looks pretty minimal but it seems very effective.

It's a bit bigger in all dimensions.
I use an ATI Scorpion grip on mine and love it.

But I also use the Command Arms G27's on my AR's as well, so in all fairness, I am not only used to the grip style, but they fit me better than any other grip out there.
I had to force myself to leave the Scorpion on for a few hundred rounds to give it a fair shake. I absolutely hated the finger groves. I've got two friends that love it though (one of them is running my old one).