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March 29, 1911, Colt 1911 Adopted by Army

A friend of mine at an Action Steel shoot was shooting his 1911 the last match. "Getting out of the 45ACP game" was his reasoning. Not selling his 1911s or anything, but just not competing with them anymore. Figured he'd give it one last go. He had a belt rig with about 6 mag holders and in some of the stages that required 26+ rounds not counting misses, he was doing more than 3 mag changes... :) Iron sight stainless Springfield slightly modded.

Semi-related (ie: 45ACP) is I MIGHT do an Action Steel with my G30. I have two 10rd-ers and a 13rd-er (from G21). I just got a Glock "sport" holster for it and 3 Glock "large" mag pouches I could do a po' boy belt rig with. I have almost as much 45ACP ammo as I do 9mm... ;) I'd consider using my 1991 Colt but I'd have to get more mags, mag holders and a decent OWB holster. With the belt, my Glock rig stands me less than $40 not including mags.