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Marlin M60

John A.

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A while back I made a trade, and one of those items was a Stainless Marlin Model 60.

I sat on it all winter waiting for it to warm up enough to put a scope on it and sight it in and to play around with it some.

And today was that day. Beautiful nearly 70 degree's and very light occasional breeze. Just what I've been waiting on.

The scope is an old Barska scope that I had put back for a while. Nothing special. Just a small 1.5-6x42 like I had on my 6.8 deer rifle. With me being OCD, I did put a quick coat of silver paint on it just because I thought the black looked tacky :lol:

It took me longer than I expected to dial the scope in, but I settled on a 25 yard zero, and I tried out several different bullets to see if there was anything in particular that it liked, and honestly, it did reasonable well with all 3 that I tried just resting the gun across the bed of the truck.

Plenty good enough for a pack rifle for small game.

Top row was 4 shots each of Remington bulk pack
row 2 was 2 shots each of Winchester super x bulk pack (I didn't have many with me)
bottom row was 3 shots each using Remington subsonics
Each bullseye was just traced using a spray paint can

70?!! holy cow....I'm in the wrong neck of the woods.

Good looking patterns John..The winchesters look tighter...
Thanks, I wish I had been able to shoot a few more of the superx through it, but that's what I used to sight it in with, and it took a lot more to fine tune it than I expected. And why I only was able to shoot them twice per target.

I think I could get a squirrel with any of them. The Remington's didn't do too bad either.

I'm kinda glad it did perform about the same with all of them. That's a good sign for me. I appreciate not having to fiddle with the scope when switching between ammo.
,,,,dam new rifle,,,,,70 outside,,,,,good groups,,,,,,that's living. :D
Really impressive and no ammo based flyers is exceptional!! Looks like a target that got a smile!!
old mossy said:
,,,,dam new rifle,,,,,70 outside,,,,,good groups,,,,,,that's living. :D

I admit that I did have a good time. I was up at the family's property and had the whole place to myself today. Just being able to squeeze off some rounds and get rid of some stress, is always a good day.

mingaa said:
Really impressive and no ammo based flyers is exceptional!! Looks like a target that got a smile!!

No ammo flyers. Those were all my fault


In all honesty, the trigger on that gun isn't really all that great though. It breaks like dumping a wheel barrel full of rocks compared to what I'm used to shooting.

But it got the job done.
Nice to see you got out to shoot your Marlin m60; mine has been sitting for months without a single round through it.