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Maverick 88 forend


.270 WIN
Hay guys, I'm looking for a corncob forend for one of my 88's. This one has that big blocky forend and I want them all to have the same thing. It works just fine but I want them all to match. Is there any difference in the length? If so where do you measure from? Looking to buy or trade. Thanks.
Not sure what you mean by big blocky forend, but here is a chart to show you where to measure from. You will need to match the action slide with the forend.
forend chart.jpg
Ok, you need a corresponding length forend metal tube ( with bars ) for whatever type of forend grip you get
Just want an OE part. Looked on the Mossberg sight under parts but can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Any one else it's all tacticool.
Ok,what I am looking for is an action slide assembly in 12 gauge for my 88. Hopefully this will clear up the confusion on my part.
What you are looking for is the OE one piece "pinned" forearm with the ribbed design.
I think I just saw a Mav. pinned foreend on debay for $30ish with a syn. butt stock. You should check it out.

I know it is a pain in the ass to get a debay account but once you have one it can come in handy for both purchasing AND selling. I've had an account since 2000 and have sold well over $20,000 worth of various goods over the years... Gun parts are bringing good money at the moment...