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Maverick 88 or Mossberg 500?

Mine came with 2 blued barrels and it was 300.00 out the door at Big 5. Does that sound right for mossberg 500? I could have sworn I bought the Maverick 88.
There was a time when Big 5 bought a large big lot of 500s from Mossberg in a configuration and price point they contracted for.

These came with either a 26 or 28 inch barrel plus a 18.5 inch barrel.

They came with a Maverick styled butt stock and one piece forend. The forend was polymer and didn't have a metal action tube like many of the 500s you see. Plus the arms were pinned.

I'm attaching a photo and the ones Big 5 sold had the one piece polymer shown at the bottom of the photo.

Where do I look for flex conversion kit and threaded barrel?
Can't help you on the Flex kit but when you say a "threaded barrel" are you talking about a barrel with screw in chokes?

If so, what barrel length are you looking for?

I can likely recommend a source.