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Maverick 88 Pump Action Barrels


Copper BB
First post, I will be picking up my first Mossberg this coming week, had to order it. I was torn between the 12 and 20 gauge. Being older and my wife with ms, I opted for the 20 gauge for mainly for home defense. All that to ask, do they make a 18.5" barrel for it? I have checked the Internet for one, but no luck. Thanks, jf
Re: 18.5" barrel for 20 gauge?

welcome from NY. what barrel does it come with. when interchanging barrel's you need to watch the length of the mag tube also.
Re: 18.5" barrel for 20 gauge?

Welcome aboard Sir,

The 20ga Mav88's only come in the 6-shot variety. There are no 18.5" Maverick barrels, but you can install a 20ga Mossberg 500 barrel on your model 88. You'll likely have to call Mossberg sales and order one directly from them...

(800) 363-3555

I don't have the part number for the barrel itself, but the model 500 Persuader that uses the 18.5" 20ga security barrel is #50452. That should give you enough information to get started with the sales rep...
Re: 18.5" barrel for 20 gauge?

^^^^^ what LES said,,,,,#90035 barrel.
Re: 18.5" barrel for 20 gauge?

you also might want to give Vang Comp sys. a call 928-636-8455
they had some used barrels for sale.
Re: Mossberg 500 barrel fit for maverick 88

Fwjoe817 said:
I was wondering if the mossberg barrel will fit for the maverick 88.

what model 500 do you have?
Re: Mossberg 500 barrel fit for maverick 88

Mav88 and Mossberg 500 barrels are interchangeable.

However, make sure that you stay within barrels designed for your Mav88's mag tube length/capacity. If you have a field model or an 18.5" security model with a 5-shot mag tube, you will be able to swap out for any of the Mossberg 500 field barrels or 18.5" barrels. If your Mav88 is a 20" security model with a 7-shot mag tube, you will need to stick with a 20" Mossberg 500 barrel...
Re: Mossberg 500 barrel fit for maverick 88

^^^^ what he said :)
Re: Mossberg 500 barrel fit for maverick 88

I have the "18.5" security model. Does any be know where I can get a mossberg 500 barrel "18.5" with a door breacher
How to be sure of what will fit??!!

Hello; I have a Maverick 88 with the 20 inch barrel. I'm interested in getting a 24 or 28 inch barrel; how can I be sure that what I buy will fit? Thanx in advance all!! :D
Re: How to be sure of what will fit??!!

Hate to tell you, but neither will fit your current configuration.

Your 20" Security model has a 7-shot mag tube. The longer field barrels are designed to fit on models with the shorter 5-shot mag tubes. To install a 24" or 28" barrel on yours, you would first need to replace your mag tube with a 5-shot. It's not a difficult swap, but it will be a bit more expensive than just buying a new barrel. Honestly, considering the price of the barrel, tube, and replacement spring, the cost of the conversion might justify simply buying a new Mav88 Field model with your desired barrel length...
Re: How to be sure of what will fit??!!


Keep us posted on which way you decide to go...
Is Mossberg still making the non-HD barrels for 8 and 9 shot

I've got a 12ga Maverick 88 Security 8-shot 20" barrel and I wanted to get a #90241 barrel (blued 28" VENT RIB PORTED) for, for sport use. I heard they are not making these barrels anymore, or perhaps only making a run of them at the factory occasionally when there are enough orders, but I've been unable to get ahold of Mossberg and verify lately (which I'm guessing is due to the current "gun panic") even though I've tried calling and emailing them (no answering the phone/no email reply).

So, does anyone know if they are still making these? Seems like a lot of people buy 20" pumpers, but maybe not enough to justify the manufacturing costs. Anybody got some current information on this?

Oh yeah.. my first post! Woot! :D