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Maverick O/U Accessories...

I am new to this site but not to Mossbergs. I have the SPX and just bought the O/U tactical. I love this gun. Why is it not listed on Mavericks web site? Why no sling studs? Why no accessories? I put a Black Hawk Ammo pouch on it. I am think of asking my Gunsmith if there is any way to install a rear stud without damaging the stock.

I took mine to the range and put six KO slugs into one ragged hole from 35 yards standing.
Welcome aboard! Maverick and Mossberg are having their sites redesigned as far as I know. This might be why they have not updated it yet. I am not sure why they didn't add a sling stud and accessories will come in time. If there are things your looking for let me know and I can see what I can do to find vendors to come up with solutions.
Thanks, I plan on using this for some hog hunting. Top barrel with slug and bottom with 00 buck. I am ordering a leather shell holder from ST that has a sling setup on it. I now need a barrel mounted sling stud. Any help would be great. Eventually will send my barrels to Carlson's for choke tube install:)
Also looking for accessories and anxious for the site to get back up.
What I really want first is to find wood stocks for this gun. Wood has warmth and character that plastic cannot duplicate. Basic, unfinished is preferred.
I found some plain walnut for my 500 tactical and it really looks nice. Put an OD Green sling on it, so it is very retro-60's military looking with the textured finish metal. Plus it is very comfortable to shoot. Even put wood on several ARs for all of the same reasons. I like wood, obviously.
I plan to eventually SBS my HS12 (I'm an SOT) to about 12 inch barrels, with a HK-type triple block front sight to hold the barrels together, with a full length 1913 rail on top. Wish Maverick had a pistol version in the works so I could do AOW instead of SBS. Maybe in time.
But wood will make it really stand out, if I can find some.
And the hog gun idea is a good one. Might have to try that.
Welcome to the Mossberg Owners Forum gregrn !!

Let's see some pics of your firearms...!! ;)
Let us know if you end up putting some wood furniture on your Maverick over/under!
Not on an O/U, but I run ESSTAC shotshell cards on a 590 and a 930. They've held up great for me...

All this set-up requires is a strip of industrial strength adhesive Velcro applied to the receiver or any other flat surface. No added hardware or permanent modification to the firearm is required...