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Merry Christmas Knife


Now go and build a bushcraft hut/cabin. And take a lot of pics. And post them.

Thanks in advance my brother!
Son has one of those dang J O B s , but il finish it up,tommorow, and by the time he,makes it should be habitable for the weekend.;)
Some walls required we,expect 21 degrees tommorrow night yeehaw
Its been over a month now, i feel enough of the original edge, Is still very servicable more so than id bet,75% of my buddys blades, even after good hard almost daily use. Some basic tests on wood, rope cardboard etc... To cutting old carpet and tile while we replaced some flooring and wallboard and tasks in woods and shop. It still cuts fairly well, fair ?? Meh. Time for an edge, and il use some technology, its faster and more precise. 22.5 degrees for my daily worker blades. Yes I enamored with this knife, the seat of the pants feel a strong torquey motor gives, the smell of the first spent shotshell, feel of them old jeans or boots, yep its like that. Pics start ta finish, yes sir ya can shave if thats what ya wanna do.0129190741.jpg 0129190743_HDR.jpg 0129190807a.jpg 0129190807b.jpg