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Mini shell short shell reloading

John A.

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With the recent addition from Aguila and Federal shells, I thought I would share a few things with you guys who already reload or are interested.

There are a couple ways to make your own short shells. The lengths and loads would be very dependent on what you're doing, but it's no different really than loading a long shell. the biggest difference is plastic wads with the extensions to take up the extra space in the longer shell is not needed in the shorter ones.

You start with the powder, on top of that, some sort of wad, which can be a cardboard or cork wad, or a plastic gas check. And on top is your payload, whether slugs, buckshot or even birdshot.

Myself, I would prefer to keep my payload in a plastic shot cup, but there are alternatives to that too. Mylar wraps being one.

I don't have any mini shell recipes because I've not made any, but there are a few places where you can get load data to make them.

Here's one for plastic gas checks over the powder

and here is one that uses the nitro cards over the powder
I know there seems to be a lot of interest about them lately.

May as well start making it easier for folks to learn more about it.