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MMR Tactical Barrel Replacement

Welcome aboard!

The MMR models will accept any standard AR-15 barrel. Plenty to choose from out there, but difficult to recommend one without knowing what kind of specs you're looking for...
That's excellent news! The lack of specs from Mossberg was suspicious to me and the customer service rep told me it wasn't compatible with milspec barrels "only a Mossberg replacement barrel will fit"

I've already bought the MMR Tactical, just waiting for it to be imported.

I'm looking for the same aesthetic/length but a more durable (lined) barrel should I ever need to replace it.

I really appreciate the response.
No problem.

One of our members just assembled an AR using a Mossberg MMR barrel in a non-Mossberg mil-spec upper and had no fitment issues. To say that Mossberg CS reps are sometimes "misinformed" would be an understatement. Some of their reps don't seem to have much technical training at all...
Yeah, I called the tech line yesterday and the people were polite but seemed unsure of a straight forward answer to my question concerning the removal of the free floating hand guard on my MMR Hunter. With the info in this forum it was an easy process to remove the hand guard. [Note: Using a strap wrench: Loosen the large ring which covers the barrel nut located next to the fwd end of the receiver.The hand guard is threaded into the large ring.]
Do not attempt to rotate the hand guard as it is pinned in 3 locations to the barrel nut. ]
Can't find any specs on what type of steel they use, but their barrels are melonite coated...
Thanks LES ! The specs I have seen on aftermarket barrels on 2 websites say 4140 chrome moly carbon steel so assume mmr barrels are the same. On Cobra Tractical they have 16 inch with 1:7 twist

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Yes Sir, glad to help.

4140 chrome moly does seem to be the standard, but I never like quoting specs without knowing for sure. You could try calling Mossberg tech support, but it may take you a while to get in touch with anyone there that actually knows. Mossberg is and has been making barrels for other companies for years. Chances are that many of us have owned or shot a rifle with a Mossberg made barrel on it without ever knowing it...
Got a response from mr. Zakher this morning "The barrels are chrome-moly carbon steel. They are not melonite impregnated." Time for me to look for another barrel. Mossberg sells 16 in chrome moly melonite impregnated aftermarket barrels for $140 . You would think $1025 msrp rifle would have at least melonite impregnation or be a 4150 mil spec barrel and a better trigger. I feel that I would have been better served with an M&P or a Bushy for the same $$. Shame on me for not doing my due diligence.

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Yes but I said coated, not impregnated.

While the melonite impregnation process changes the hardness of the steel as it's being forged, a simple melonite coating may be applied to the surface to improve the hardness of the barrel's finish. Various manufacturers, including Mossberg use also melonite coatings inside the barrel in place of chrome lining. Melonite coating inside the bore can extend barrel life similar to chrome lining, but can be more uniform which is said to offer better inherent accuracy than chrome. Mossberg's aftermarket barrels are melonite coated, so it would be hard to believe that they wouldn't use the same barrels on their production rifles. Stranger things have happened though...
I would have thought zakher would have qualified His statement but never the mentioned the use of melonite . I am waiting for his response from the question I posed in an email I sent today. "Thanks again for your answers. My question is can the existing barrel be replaced with an aftermarket barrel since the mmr barrels are unlined not melonited or have black nitride treatment. I shoot over 1000 rounds a month and from my research I can only expect barrel life of 5000 to 7000 rounds "

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Mr. Zakher seems to be the most knowledgeable gentleman in their service and tech support department, but I would imagine he still may not be familiar with all of the manufacturing specs.

I don't see why you wouldn't be able to replace the barrel with any variety of aftermarket options. Mossberg's aftermarket barrel's are all mil-spec so unless they use some sort of proprietary coupling for the MMR line (highly unlikely) you should be good to go. It's good you're getting confirmation from the source though...
Melonite process is impregnated. The process is accomplished by soaking carbon steels in a salt bath nitride at high temperatures that increase the hardness and lubricity of the steel. Here is a link that goes into detail of the various processes www.burlingtoneng.com/melonite.html.
If I had it to do over again I would have purchased a milspec ar. By the time I finish upgrading the mmr I will have invested another 500 to 600 to have a high quality rifle. 735 for the rifle 240 for a super v trigger 200 to 240 for a lined or Impregnated barrel 50 for a gas block and tube and a 150 for a M16 bcg. Plus a heavier buffer.
For 1200 to 1300 I could have bought a BCM or Colt 6940 both completely mil spec instead of a commercial quality rifle. Live and learn. Hope this thread may provide some good information for others.
It is an accurate weapon but not long term or heavy use AR just a hobby gun.

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Does anybody know if you can swap barrels on the MMR Tactical?

Can you recommend a replacement?

More info from Mr. Zakher.
"IIf a customer wore out a barrel from shooting and sent the rifle in for barrel replacement, we would replace the barrel and charge them for whatever costs are normally associated with this service. The barrel is currently a factory installed or authorized service center item only, as the rifle would need to be checked for headspace when this item is replaced.

I interpret the last sentence to mean you can't replace the barrel with an aftermarket barrel safely. I tried to trade my mmr tactical at my local LGS this weekend and they would not take it in trade. It has 500 rounds thru the tube. Will try to sell this weapon at a local gun show and start over with a reputable AR.

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That reads like the typical lawyer speak you'd get from any firearms company.

I check my own head-spacing at home with a set of go/no go gauges. If that weren't just a bunch of @$$ covering lawyer speak, then why would Mossberg sell surplus "mil-spec" AR-15 barrels by themselves on the aftermarket? Every firearms manual I've ever read tells me that my gun should never be broken down any further than a basic field strip unless performed by a qualified "brand X" service technician of qualified gunsmith. That being said, I've torn apart and rebuilt just about every firearm I own and I've still got all my eyes, fingers, and toes. I'm not sure what you're seeing that I'm not, but everything that I've read about the entire MMR line tells me that any and all parts are interchangeable with the vast array of aftermarket AR-15 parts out there. I know you're just trying to be thorough, but you're looking for a problem that simply isn't there...
You could be right regarding a problem. Gun has performed without a problem. I am more upset with myself because I purchased on an impulse and should have done more research on the platform. In am having a case of buyers remorse. Thanks for your encouragement.

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