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Mod a 6 rd Shot Shell Belt Slide.


.270 WIN
In the time that I've been on this site, I've seen so many wonderful mods and accessories for my 590. Low on money and waiting on the mail for a few other items, I decided I needed to do SOMETHING with my 590. I've been looking at all kinds of side saddles, shot shell cards and other ways of carrying ammo. I read/heard someone say when it comes to ammo that if it's not on your weapon when the SHTF, you might as well not have it I also asked my wife "do I get a light or a way to carry ammo?". She responded "You can never have to much ammo, dear". God, I love that woman!

A week or so back, I bought a Grovtec 6 rd belt slide shell holder. I've come to realize it's nice and all but not what I really wanted. I does have it's uses, when I practice reloading it's an easy way hold a few dummy rounds while I practice. For the "SHTF" situations it's going to be to slow to put on and then go.

While looking at the different side saddles, I kept coming back to the 3GG Velcro side saddle. I thought, why not "make" something similar. This is what I came up with.

It's not perfect, the border around the shells is a little to large but it's a good start. I cleaned the receiver with alcohol and then warmed it and the holder with a heat gun. I then applied the Velcro and let everything cool off before testing it. I was not worried about hiding the serial number either. I loaded it with 6 shot shells and shook it very very hard. It did not go anywhere! I'll be ordering a few ESSTAC shot cards in the future. I have another idea in the works too. Oh and btw, the Velcro was under $8.00 for 5' at Walmart.