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More gun restrictions in the UK


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Today the gov'mnt announced a new bill in Parliment to try to curb the knife crime in the UK, and also the acid attacks, by making it illegal to sell both to under 18s, and stop online sales.
Quietly tagged on to this Bill, were some firearms restrictions.....
Anything with a muzzle energy of over 10.000 ftlb will be effectively banned, and also any rifle that reloads by propellant gas, or by spring pressure powered by propellant gas... what they describe as "rapid fire rifles"

So thats the few .50BMG in civilian hands gone, plus the nearest we have to semi-auto rifles... .22lr is not affected, so we can keep our 10/22s :rolleyes:

This is because there is a risk they could get into criminal hands.....

Laughingly, they've also banned bump-stocks... thats all YOUR fault..!! As we can't have sami-auto rifles, .22lr is the only thing a bump-stock would work on....but I've never even seen one for sale in the UK

This is not yet a "done deal", as it will need to go through Parliment and get approval before it becomes law, but even with the shooting organisations trying to talk sense, the government will probably still push it through, probably with the MSM helping to stir up the sheeple.

Drip... drip... drip....

John A.

Unconstitutional laws are not laws.
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Maybe you can load the 50bmg to less than whatever ftlbs is legal. I'm sure there is plenty of room in the case to down size the powder throw a little.

edit: also sounds like they banned co2 and pump pneumatic pellet guns.


.270 WIN
I don't think there are any changes to pellet guns... ?? they talk about extracting cartridge cases by propellant gas, not things fired by propellant gas...

Airguns have been licensed up in Scotland for a couple of years now....but of course after a hundred years or so of not being recorded or registered, there are probably millions in circulation, and only a few thousand have been registered.... there are rumours they want to introduce that into the rest of the Uk too, but (i don't think) that was mentioned in this current Bill..