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Mossberg 185 K firing pin?


Copper BB
I was asked to look at a 185k bolt shotgun. I think all it needs id a firing pin.
looking for a good exploded view and a detailed drawing of the firing pin.
I'm sure this is a long shot but I thought I would give its try.
Thanks Dave
If I remember right the the 185 D and K differences is only the choke on the K model. But been a longtime since I've seen one.

Here's a link to a schematic of the 185 (no specific model indicated). I suspect you can find a owners manual on ebay which should have a parts list.

Good luck

WOW fast replies. Thanks!
Confirmed my thinking, I'm need the striker assembly. Bet I can't get one for $1.00
I'll do some looking around but I bought I'll find one.